Thursday, April 3, 2008

Autism and the vaccine controversy

**UPDATE!! Exciting news! My cousin Aprille & I are officially going to the rally! We have registered for the walk and have a hotel room booked! WOOHOO! If you're still interested in going, please let me know! The more the better!!**

many of you know my struggle with the whole vaccine issue. I am so thankful that my doctor is willing to work with me even though it wasn't the exact schedule I wanted. After watching Larry King Live with Jenny McCarthy and some people from the AAP, I'm now convinced more than ever that I made the right decision.

And now parents like myself are joining celebrities Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey for the "Green our Vaccines" walk in Washington DC on Wednesday June 4th at 10 AM.

I'm urging any and all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. to join us in asking congress to stop putting toxins into our little babies. Last night one of the men from American Academy of Pediatrics said that 90% of the vaccines are mecury-free. Ummmm, hello. Last time I did math that still leaves 10% of vaccines having mecury in them! That's 10% too much in my opinion.

Anyways, I'd really like to go to this rally, but am pretty sure my husband won't want me taking the kiddos to DC by myself. So anyone in the area interested in going with me?!? We'd need to be up there by 9 in the AM, so we'd need to leave the area like 4ish in the AM or we could even drive up there and spend the night. It'd be a long day, for sure, but it'd be worth it!

It is so important to get Congress to hear our voice. Jenny McCarthy is bringing the media and we need a big turn out to get heard!!