Monday, April 21, 2008


Well, we finally decided we'd go camping! I've always loved the idea of camping. Any time our youth group went in jr high & high school I signed up for it. I begged my parents to take us camping, but it just wasn't their idea of "vacation". To them, a nice hotel with a good pool was vacationing. And not that I don't enjoy hotels, especially the ones with nice pools & a good FREE breakfast the next morning. But I always wanted to go camping.

Braydon has been bugging us to go too, and our Bible Fellowship group has decided to go. And now we need to get some gear. Even Kenney was excited about going camping. Not too sure how Kenna will do, but hey, as long as mommy is there to feed her, I guess she won't complain, right?!?



Aprille said...

Oh I love camping! I miss camping so badly. Alex and I still haven't been together - he has never been. It is fun. Just make sure you take bug spray and TP. These are the most important supplies!

Aprille said...

Oh - Where are you guys going? I can recommend some great places if you need suggestions.

Innocence Underrated said...

that's why they make pack n plays, even tho he slept in the sleeping bag with me a bit =) we took kian when he was 8 weeks old, he was totally fine. cuz you're right as long as they got their worrying about formula, will it spoil? do you have water? how to heat it? how to wash bottles? boobs are so much easier to pack and travel with haha =D

Elizabeth F. said...

We love to camp and do it all of the time in the summer. We love camping at the KOA in the OBX. little pricey there, but so much to do and way cheaper than hotels at the OBX.