Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Food Lion the 3rd

So I went back again today. I just couldn't help myself. I spent 4 bucks and got 8 more things of baby food, 3 more sippy cups, 2 more disposable utensils, 3 things of Food Lion brand baby lotion & soap, and baby oragel. Not too shabby. =) I told Kenney I won't go back there b/c I don't want them getting mad at me. I was nice and shared one of my coupons with a lady who was buying breast pads. I like to encourage breastfeeding mommies as much as I can! She was so thankful b/c it meant that instead of paying almost 4 bucks, she only had to pay 2! Yay for coupons!!

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Melanie said...

wow! Where did you find those coupons?? lol.