Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Food Lion Owed me money!

Okay, people, today I spent a total of $14.97!! Here's what I got:

-25 Cans of Beechnut baby food (Kenna isn't eating it just yet, but exp. date isn't until 2010)

-2 packs of gerber graduates organic fruit bars

-1 package of hamburger buns

-2 rolls of Scott Natural (80% recycled paper)

-1 container of sugar free cool whip

-16 packs of Food Lion (FL) Corn bread mix (the kind where you only have to add milk!)

-4 packs of FL Kids flushable wipes (generic of Kandoo wipes)

-3 packs of baby wipes

-2 OreIda Frozen Potatoes

-3 dozen fresh bakery cookies (2 choco chip, 1 sugar cookie & choco frosting) for B's birthday party

-2 packages of brownie bites from the bakery

-1 big package of jello

-2 gerber sippy jups

-2 cans of reduced sugar mandarin oranges

-1 can of red. sugar crushed pineapple

-1 Gerber teether

-1 set of Gerber disposable utensils

-3 cans of Green Beans

-2 cans of carrots

-1 Can of Peas

-4 cans of corn

-1 big bottle of Huggies Shea Butter Baby Shampoo

I made 6 trips total to the 3 local FLs and on one trip they owed me 1 penny! woohoo!!


Britney said...

That is AMAZING!!!! I think you should win a prize for getting the best bargain of the year and it's only April!!

Seriously. I am impressed.

Elizabeth F. said...

Wow. I'm super impressed. I had a hard time today at my FL. The Mgr on duty wouldn't take the baby wipes coupon and gave me a hard time about my J & J coupon. I told her it's a manufacturer coupon with the waterpark and everything. They mailed it to me form Johnson and Johnson! Anyway I talked her into that one. She baulked at the $3.00 off a bakery purchase as well b.c the bread was $2.99. I told her the coupon says UP TO $3, so it should be fine for a $2.99 purchase. She was a moron and treated me like I was doing something wrong. I was so irritated when I left. But Kudos to you! I did really well and made about 5 trips to FL in the last week. I've gotten TONS of stuff, includeing 8 new sippy cups for FREE!

Rachel said...

wow! i'm impressed!