Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A humanitarian at heart...

The other day, Kenney looked at me and said " You're a humanitarian, aren't you?" I just kinda looked at him, trying to figure out what exactly he meant by it. Was he saying this in a negative tone or was this a good thing? I couldn't exactly decipher which way he was leaning towards, but I just replied, "Well....yeah i guess I am." He smiled and continued putting away the groceries. I shrugged my shoulders and began helping him.

It wasn't until yesterday when I started thinking about that conversation again. I've always been a very giving person, but I have had 2 excellent models of this. My parents are very generous givers even when they themselves were limited, and I suppose I picked it up from them. I love to donate to charities that really do something to help people. I love walking in the MOD "walk for babies" (formerly "walk america"). I love donating food to local food banks or buying a newspaper for $1 when 75 cents of it is donated to the food banks. I look forward to the Pregnancy Care Center's annual banquet. I love to make dinner for people who are sick, or send a card to someone who is serving in Iraq. I love to stand up for children, who cannot have a voice of their own. I do these things not because I feel I have to or I should. I don't do them to get anything in return. I do them because I love it. It makes me feel like I'm doing something to impact the world, even if it's one beef stew at a time.

But, in a way, this is something that Jesus clearly instructed us to do. To feed the needy, to care for the oppressed, to clothe those who are naked, to visit those in jail, mourn with those who mourn. He may not have said "volunteer at (fill in the blank charity here)" or "give them x amount of money" but these are things that in a sense my calling, just as much as it is yours, if you're a Christian.

How awesome would it be to think about the look on a someone's face as they open up their mail and find a card encouraging them, letting them know that you're praying for them? Or to think about the family struggling to make ends meet that finds a gift card to the local grocery store on the door. Or maybe paying for someone's gas. I know this would be a stretch b/c gas is so expensive, but think of the seeds you may be planting. You never know what an answer to prayer you could be. Just something to think about.

on a side note, Sorry for a lot of sponsored posts guys. This chicky needs to earn some money haha!

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Rachel said...

The difference between you and a lot of people is you're all action! So many people have good intentions but don't follow through (sigh...even me). But once you decide to help a cause, you go all out! Good for you!

And btw, I make sure to click your links. :) I was in the market for a new gun holster anyway. :)