Monday, April 7, 2008

One year ago...

...I was having a mini-melt down because it was snowing in April in North Carolina...ON MY WEDDING DAY!
...Bob Marley's "I shot the sheriff" somehow got stuck on replay and repeated for roughly 2 hours or so while we were getting ready!
...I somehow managed to get my nails done before the wedding! son spiked a 104 fever on my wedding day and wasn't able to perform his duty as the ring bearer.
...It stopped snowing, the sun came out, and I was happy!
...I was doing last minute details that should have been done much sooner, but I am a procrastinator! ...while I was finishing all the little details, kenney & his groomsmen grabbed a drink while waiting for the limo!
...Two families were joined when my daddy gave me away!
...Kenney had the biggest smile on his face I've ever seen as I walked on to the platform at COTR to take his hands.
...We realized we had not put anything in the cup for our communion, but since it was done privately, no one knew except Pastor Richard and us until later!

...We said our vows, kissed, took lots of pictures and headed over to the Holiday Inn ballroom in our limo! (way cool to have everyone riding together!)
...Kenney & I pulled our spaz card and totally spaced on the name of the song we had planned to dance our first dance too. We found a song that worked, although it was not the song we picked out originally!
...We ate, danced, got to see all of our friends and family!
...we listened to our best man & matron of honor give toasts to us!

Some of our bests guests were so small, but waaaayyyy adorable!...Kenney & I cut the cake and I pretended to feed it to him, but waited til he had my cake in my mouth and then smashed it into his face much to my parents frowning!! =)
...We exited our reception early to rows of sparklers lining the enterance and took off for Raleigh with a pit stop at our townhouse to leave his tux and my dress there.
...We made it about 30 minutes on the road to Raleigh when we realized we were both starving, and stopped in Zebulon to get some Sonic! Everyone kept looking at us because our car had been decorated.

HAPPY ONE YEAR, KENNEY!! It's been an eventful one that's for sure!!


Rachel said...

Happy one year!

What I remember: Making my wrap the morning of!

Watching Little Britain and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Wondering who knew I was pregnant!

I shot the sheriff... again... and again...

Nervously giving a toast

You had a few (short lived) crashers. Did you know that?!

Sara trying to stay with Jay and mom dragging her out of the bar!

Having the Honeymoon suite!


Christin said...

Congrats on one amazing year!!!!

Innocence Underrated said...


Innocence Underrated said...


Anonymous said...

Seeing these photos brings an avalanche of emotions up, including the father-daughter dance. Congratulations to a wonderful couple who mean the world to me and your dear mother!
All my love,

Kara said...

WOW has it been one year already??!!! Congratulations! A wedding and a baby how time flies!

Mrs Lippincott said...

i remembered it was your anniversary this morning! Congrats! Wish we were there!! Hopefully sometime this summer we'll get to see you guys!

Aprille said...

happy anniversary! isn't it amazing - a year!