Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why do you write?

Do you write just to let things out? Do you write for enjoyment or to be able to escape into a whole new world that you create? Whatever you reason for writing, you may have wondered what it would be like to actually have someone read your book and say, "Hey, that would really sell!" I know someone very close to me who has begun writing a book. I don't know how many people they have actually told, but I've read the beginnings, and I can't wait to read the rest of it (whenever they get a chance to finish it!) It is totally a book I would have picked up off the shelf (errrr, I should say I totally would've bought if off of ebay! haha b/c I'm cheap like that.)

But anyways, once you write a book, where do you go from there? Aside from having great connections, how does the average Joe Shmoe (or Josephina Shmoina) have some read their manuscript? I had no clue until recently. I came accross a website called Creative Byline and it's currently free to register (but I'm not sure how long it will remain like that!) and they connect writers with editors, people who will read your manuscripts and give suggestions, and actual publishers as well! The cost for submitting a manuscript for review is 19 bucks, but if you enter the code KY5E28 during checkout, it's 1/2 off!

Not only can you have someone review your manuscript, you will have the ability to look at what the publishers are looking for currently. So if a publishing company is looking for chick lit, and you have it, you can submit it to them. If you however, have a science fiction novel, and they are looking for a romance novel, you will know not to submit it to them. Creative Bylines also guarentees that if a publishing company does not review within 3 weeks, you can submit it to another company!

Go check it out, and hey, before you know it, you could have a book published. (by the way this is not a sponsored ad, it's just something I came accross on a website and thought it was cool, and since I have so many creative friends, I wanted to pass it along!

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