Thursday, May 1, 2008

13 "c"s about Christy...

This week, they asked us to pick a letter and use it to describe us in 13 words. Since I love the letter C, here are thirteen "C" words that describe goes.

1.) Christian-I am a Christian first and foremost, and this changes everything about me!
2.) Clever, or atleast I'd like to think so!
3.) Creative-I love anything artsy, and in fact, I'm in the process of being creative but am taking a break to do this!
4.) complicated
5.) Compassionate-It is so hard for me to turn a blind eye to someone in need.
6.) Cleanliness-challenged-I struggle to keep my house organized and clean
7.) Coupon queen-I LOVE using coupons, and have officially organized my coupons into a 3 ring binder! YAY GO ME!
8.) Consumer Advocate-I will fight for people in regards to how they were treated, what they purchased, etc. I would love to be a trouble shooter like Diane Wilson on ABC 11!
10.) Challenging-I'm always up for a good "fight"!!
11.) Crafty (although this goes with creative, I'm running out of words!)
12.) collector-I collect Willow tree angels
13.) Candid-You never know what might come out of my mouth!

Okay, so now you try it! Or go visit the other people who participated in T13!


Neen said...

Beautiful list.

Meg said...

Nothing like a creative, compassionate, candid collector. I'm one myself!

mom huebert said...

Nice list. By the way, your pictures on an earlier post of your baby girl are just adorable. In fact, your whole family is sweet.