Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday 13: 13 tell-tale signs I've "grown up"

Thirteen Things about Christy

Lately the talk about a high school reunion, coupled with all of the people I know from high school getting married and popping out babies left and right, has made me examine my life. And indeed, I've discovered I've "grown up". And here's how I know:

1.) I don't go the grocery store when I need one or two things. I wait until I have a decent list of things we're out of. A trip to the grocery store requires careful planning, comparing store sales, assembling my coupons to use, and of course scheduling around nap/feedings times of my children.

2.) When eating out, I prefer going to the local diner, as opposed to the chain restaurants like Chilis, applebees, etc. They give us a customer appreciation card, where you get a stamp every time you eat there and I think after 6 visits, you get $5 off your next meal!

3.) I no longer view the calendar by "semesters". It is now the almighty "NRMS school calendar" that I refer to.

4.) I look forward to the weekends not as time to rush out of the house and do things, but as valuable time where we get to spend as a family, preferably at our house!

5.) Staying up "late" is now watching the 11 o'clock news!

6.) The thought of McDonalds, Wendys, or other fast food place at 2 or 3 in the morning makes me want to puke. Gross.

7.) I know a lot more married people than I do unmarried people.

8.) I am now painfully aware of how uncomfortable watching and/or hearing profanity, sexual scenarios, and violence can be with little ones who may hear and/or see! I can see why people "filter" their TVs. Even commercials aren't safe.

9.) I find myself getting thoroughly upset at TV commercials during "family" television programs. Please tell me why does every commercial depict the father figure as a moron, incapable to do anything and totally unhip? This just plants seeds into the young minds that underminds their God-given authority as the head of the household. Ugh. It makes me sick. And also, the explicit, questionable content of some of the commercials make me sick.

10.) I enjoy routine, knowing what I'm going to do and when I'm going to do it. I still enjoy being spontaneous, as long as I can plan for it! =)

11.) Social events don't need to have alcohol. (It's a nice bonus, but not neccesary!)

12.) Whenever I get money, my first thought is "what debt can I pay off with this?" instead of "what I am going to buy with this?"

13.) I look forward to 7 PM: the hour where I watch wheel of fortune and jeopardy!

Hope you've enjoyed my tell tale signs I've grown up. If you've identified with these, than perhaps you're "grown up" too.

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maggies mind said...

Nice job and a great idea for a list of 13, too! I really hate the whole making guys look like complete idiots thing in the media and commercials, too.

Also. I think you once visited my blog, but when I tried to come visit, there was some link issue, so I never did find you. I just remember the name. Unless I'm remembering totally wrong (this is how I know best that I've grown up...), in which case? Please disregard this part ;)

Happy TT!

mom huebert said...

Love your signs! And it sounds like you're having fun being grown up.

Elizabeth F. said...

I agreed with all of them except the alcohol...LOL! Jsut joking, but after a rough day with the kids I love to go out with my gal pals and get a nice tall MArgarita!

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