Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday 13: I Love NY!

Thirteen things I love and miss about NY

1.) Wegmans. If you know what this is, you don't need me to explain this one. If you don't know what Wegmans is, I feel bad for you. Go google it.

2.) Pontillos pizza and wings. I just adore this pizza and wings. Did I tell you I've yet to find wings down here even remotely as good as the ones in NY!

3.) Lilacs growing in my back yard. Lilacs growing at all, actually. They don't have lilacs here. And in fact, I'll add the Lilac festival to this one too. I miss that too.

4.)Nick Tahoes, although I heard a rumor that they closed up?!? Please tell me I'm wrong. Their garbage plates rock.

5.) Canandaigua lake. I loved living on a lake, although I wish we had a boat to use while we lived there. It was so pretty, and I think I didn't realize how pretty it was til I moved here.

6.) Can you say "hannah's junction" or "the windmill"?

7.) Wegmans. Yeah, it's that good it deserves 2 slots!

8.) Apple farms and apple fritters. I've yet to find anything as good as an apple fritter from the apple farm.

9.) 5 & 20. I spent most of my time behind the wheel on this route to and from school, and in fact even ran out of gas in the middle of the night on this road. (whoops! never told you about that story mom & dad!)

10.) EastView Mall. I had my first "official" job working at a store at eastview mall, and it was close to my grandparent's house.

11.) Snow. I know, it sounds crazy. But I do love having a white christmas, (not so much a "White out" christmas or a blizzard christmas though) and I miss being able to go sledding and stuff. That would be so fun to be able to do that with Braydon.

12.) My family. I hate that I only get to see you when someone gets married, graduates, etc. I can't wait to spend time with you this summer!!

13.) My friends. I have a lot of you still up in NY, and I'm some times jealous that you guys still get together and do things on a regular basis.

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I miss a bunch of the same things about NY too. I had to laugh when I read Pontillo's! I haven't heard that name in a long time - it brought back a host of memories :)


Innocence Underrated said...

Ohhh no Tahou's isn't closed. The one in Gates was bought by someone else, they still sell the same stuff but doesn't quite taste the same as those gruff, dirty men shoveling it at you... good news is the one downtown remains untouched!

TLC said...

I have never been to NY, but a friend has told me all about Wegmans!

My T13 is up, as well.

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Sarah said...

Wegmans is da bom...'nuff said