Saturday, May 17, 2008

Triples rock my world...

I'd like to tell you about my savings. I'm always so proud of them, and I love sharing how much I saved, especially during Harris Teeter's triple coupon weekends. There are 3 days, and you can triple 20 coupons up to 99 cents a piece. I went on Thursday, and saved some money, but altogether wasn't too thrilled with my savings. I went back yesterday and was thoroughly pleased with my total. So I spent 139.97 dollars in total and here's my list of what I got:

3 Wisk laundry detergent 26 loads per bottle
2 tweleve packs Pepsi cans
2 tweleve packs pink lemonade cans
1 tweleve pack sugar free lemonade cans
1 tweleve pack caff. free Pepsi cans
1 tweleve pack Sunkist cans
3 tweleve packs Brisk Iced Tea cans
2 PastaRoni packages
2 Betty Crocker warm Delights desserts
1 Betty Crocker brownie mix
4 Betty Crocker cans of frosting
1 Mrs Dash marinade
5 Powerade 32 oz. bottles
1 bag Snyders 10 oz. pretzel bites
1 Oscar Myer Deli fresh ham slices
3 twin pack lunchables jr.
1 box of Lucky Charms
2 boxes of simple harvest granola bars
2 bottles of Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 bottle of Crisco Olive Oil
4 packets of McCormick's grillmates
1 package of brown sugar
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
4 paper plates packages (115 count)
1 Plastic Cups package
1 Large container Clorox Dissinfecting wipes
Apple & Eve organic juice boxes
Organic Beef stock
Organic Chicken stock
1.5 lb. beef roast
2 Avocados
Organic Pepper
Baby carrots
1 loaf of HT wheat bread
1 tube of babyoragel
1 renuzit odor remover
1 Pearl scents
2 colgate toothbrushes
Dove solid deodorant
4 Cover Girl containers of nail polish
1 CoverGirl trublend pressed powder
2 Covergirl eye pencils
1 Covergirl lip pencil
CoverGirl blush
2 red box DVD rentals
4 oz. A&D diaper rash cream*
trial size Baby coppertone sunblock*
6 travel "butt paste"*
Johnson's Buddies bar soap*
Soft Pretzel*

*Items marked with a star were "purchased" at Target. I put it in quotes because I didn't pay for them because of coupons!

To sum it up, I got $318.67 worth of groceries for $139.97! That's a total savings of $178.70!! WAHOOOO!!

On a side note, so far this year, we've paid off $2608.37 in debt! Not as much as I'd like, and certainly not as much as Elizabeth but hey, it's a start. The good news is we haven't taken on any new debt, so we hope to be debt free and in a house within 5 years.


Wendy Clyde said...

A love the fact that you mention and list Boudreaux's Butt Paste, we're just getting 'Butt Paste' here in the UK, it's marvelous stuff :)

Elizabeth F. said...

Wow, I feel so very popular getting the shout-outs. LOL! My goal was to not take on any new debts in 2008 and then with my tax return next year pay off the rest of our debt. That would make me soooo very happy. Next year is our 10th Wedding Anniversary and I told Hubby if we can stick to our plan this year then we would splurge and go on a great all-inlcusive family vacation next year for our 10th Anniversary. So, at least we have a common goal to keep us on track with our spending. Things are going well so far.

Melanie said...

That's awesome! I stopped using coupons just because I never buy any of the stuff that the coupons are for...maybe I'll start sending them to you!! :) *'s twelve...*