Monday, June 23, 2008

Did I tell you....?

...that Makenna might have a career in mind already?

...that Braydon likes to "wear" his pup dog like I wear Makenna?

...that Makenna has teeth (and has had 2 for quite some time)?

...that Braydon had a short-lived Mohawk?

...that Makenna can sit up all on her own?

...that I've began writing 10 different blogs in the past few weeks but haven't finished any of them for various reasons?

...that I haven't gone much of any where lately because I know that I will face an inevitable melt down by Braydon when we go to leave?

...that I miss my parents?

...that I love my children but sometimes wish I could spend some uninterupted time with Kenney and not have to worry about pumping breastmilk or whether Braydon has thrown 40 fits while we've been gone?'s just easier to not go any where?

...I'm frustrated and about to rip my hair out because I'm just lost as to what to do with and/or for Braydon?

...I'm desperately searching for a reason why B does the things that he's doing so I can say that I'm not a bad mother, that I'm doing everything that I can possibly do?

...a lot of the time I'm quite lonely and although I have "friends" I don't have any close ones.

I didn't think so...


Innocence Underrated said...

i hear ya on that sometimes it's just easier to stay home, and i only have one yet! but all the packing and things to bring and worrying if there will be a meltdown or a blowout...yeah home is good =) sorry things aren't going so well with Braydon lately. i know you said you were going to get his speech evaluated. just throwing this out there, some of my clients have behavioral type issues and it's usually a sensory issue...wondering if that might be something? it will get better! great pics! makenna is so cute!

Mrs Lippincott said...

*hugs* thats about the only thing I thought you needed after reading your blog.