Sunday, July 13, 2008

divine appointments

I strongly feel that things happen for a reason. Case in point: Today I was summoned from church because Makenna was crying. When I went to the nursery, I saw a friend who used to be in my bible fellowship group, but had left because her and her husband were asked to lead another group. I hadn't seen her in probably a year maybe?

Her son is 5 years old and has Autism, and we started talking about what doctor they were using, and what treatments she was using with Michael. She said they were going to a doctor in Wilmington and they were going the biomedical route as far as treatment goes.

I was so excited to hear that, and we just had a great time talking about doing the GF/CF diet, DAN doctors, mainstream doctors who weren't very supportive, etc. It was so neat, and we both were encouraged after I left there. We promised to get together to share recipes, and ideas, and I am so thankful Makenna decided not to take her bottle during service!

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Innocence Underrated said...

can you please come back to NY and take one of the 2 openings we have in my office?!!!! ugh. that's what we need. you'd so rock in Early Intervention. you're a lot like me with the 'outside thinking' about these things and like to help people, you'd be great. or clone yourself. because my boss will have a stroke if we don't hire people soon. ha.