Thursday, July 3, 2008

The right to bear arms...

This 4th of July, while you're celebrating with hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, dips in the pool and fireworks, why not also stop by LA Police Gear and celebrate the right to bear arms!

The Blackhawk SERPA Holster is the fastest and most secure holster on the market and is currently used by US Navy SEALS!! Developed in response to operator demand, this tactical thigh version of our popular SERPA Technology Retention Holster allows you to have a tactical holster that offers unequaled speed and comfort, with the security of our patented SERPA locking system. The SERPA holster allows a rapid draw when the pistol is needed and locks securely upon re-holstering. Nothing to strap, snap or rotate, it's automatic. And now you can get a FREE Desert LAPG baseball hat with every SERPA Tactical Holster you buy! Visit LA Gear today to buy your Blackhawk holsters

This is a sponsored post.

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