Sunday, July 13, 2008


Today was my first day of smiling! Crazy I know. I'm a true Northerner at heart, and quite proud of that. I watched a "training DVD" about body language and about how we can set the tone in any room just by how we stand or the looks we give.

I'm not the one to talk to random strangers, that's more my dad's type. But today I decided to put a smile on my face, no matter what happened just to see how people responded. I would offer a "hi" or "hello" to anyone who looked me in the eyes.

I went to Books-A-Million to sign a wedding photography contract, and smiled at the woman behind the register, who looked so bored. She smiled back, but then went right back to being bored. I smiled at the lady with the 20 foot hair, who obviously didn't realize 80's style went out of style in the 80s!! She did a half smile and continued to look for books. I found a table and got my contracts ready, my albums out, and looked up.

I smiled at the elderly gentleman at the table next to me, who looked at me briefly, and then resumed the deep conversation with himself out loud. Can we say "inner monologue" not working?

I smiled at the frazzled mother with the 2 or 3 year old son screaming "I want to play with trains" I gave her my biggest sympathy look. I've been there, and then I was reminded why I like "working". Even if these meetings only last an hour, I still get an hour "free"!!

After my meeting, I grinned and said hello to the man wearing a pair of sweat pants (sweat pants, really? In mid July in the afternoon?) and his rebel flag shirt as he hopped down from his dirty pick up truck. He said "hello there little lady" and I had to try hard not to snort with laughter! I managed to remain in control until I got in my car.

It was successful and I suppose smiling and interacting with strangers isn't all that bad.

I'm reminded of the time during college that as I passed through a shady part of town and yelled 'drug deal'...yeah so I just have to remember not to talk to every stranger!!


American Mum said...

little lady? i'm not sure if i want to smile at people or not!

Anonymous said...

Dear Yankee - be careful. Youll start sayin' things like "bless her heart" and "howdy Yall" and before you know it you'll be bringin' casseroles to peoples houses just to be "right neighborly". Start smiling at perfect strangers and it is all downhill from there lol.