Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday 13: 13 of my favorite Mary Kay products...

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Okay, yes this is indeed shameless promotion on my part, but I really do love my Mary Kay products!! (and there are some mens products too, so it's not just for women...) plus men, you have a wife or girlfriend (notice I said OR, hopefully you do not have both!!) and perhaps they might really enjoy some Mary Kay as a surprise.

These are only 13, since it's "thursday 13" but there are WAAAAYYY more products of Mary Kay that I love. If you'd like to look around please feel free to check out my website. You get free shipping with any order of $40 or more! If you order $200 or more in product, you'll receive the travel roll up bag, a $40 value, for free as my thank you gift!!

13 of my favorite Mary Kay products!

1. Velocity Skin Care (perfect for the 30 and under crowd; comparable to proactiv, this skin care consists of a facial cleanser and a moisturizer that is specifically created for those who still tend to have breakouts/blemishes)

2. Acne Treatment Gel this stuff really works! As soon as you feel a blemish starting to emerge, begin to apply in between your cleanser and your moisturizer in the morning and at night. It won't cause flakiness or redness like Proactive does.

3. Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover-You only need a small dab of this on a cotton ball and it takes all of your eye make up off without any tuggling, struggling, or harsh movements on your part! Dries to a silky feel—no greasy residue!

4. Microdermabrasion Set- Refining Cream-Polishes away dead skin cells using Alumina Oxide crystals. Also, sloughs away surface layers of skin to get down to the layers that are smooth and unwrinkled! Reduces pore size and evens out skin tones. Replenishing Serum: Contains Anti-oxidants and vitamins that nourish the skin and replace anything you may have just stripped away that your skin needs. Leaves skin so soft and with a peach fuzz warm glow!!

5. Day/Night Solution

Day Solution- Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought your face looked tired?? This provides your skin with energy during the day. Also contains antioxidants (natural ingredients found in fruits, nuts, milk)---very important in fighting off free radicals (ultra-violet sun-rays, air pollution, dirt, cig. Smoke) that cause the skin cells to break down, and age prematurely. Also has a great SPF 25.

Night Solution- put this on and in minutes you immediately feel a tightening on your face. We’ve nicknamed it “face-lift in a bottle” !! The beads are Vitamin nutria-beads that are crushed when they come through the dispenser so you get a direct application of Vitamins A, K, and E on your face. Also known as “Crack for the face—once you try it you’ll be an addict!!”

6. Time Wise Age Fighting Skin Care:

Time Wise Age Fighting Cleanser- The TW cleanser has lots of Age-Fighting Benefits, Vitamin E microbeads that provide the scrubby feel—help to slough away dead skin cells, and deep clean. There are two formulas: one for normal to dry skin and another for combination to oily.

Time Wise Age Fighting Moisturizer- The TW moisturizer also has lots of Age-Fighting Benefits, evens out skin tones, lightweight—your skin just drinks it! There are two formulas for the moisturizer as well: normal to dry and combo to oily.

7. Satin Lips Set- Lip Mask-Takes off the dead dry skin. Rub to exfoliate. Then remove with a warm, damp cloth. Lip Balm-Hydrates lips for 6-8 hours, even under your lipstick.

8. Satin Hands Set- Takes years off your hands. This set is also great for your feet. Comes in a great little carry bag—great for traveling!! It contains 3 steps: Extra Emollient Night Cream- heavy duty moisturizer. Petroleum jelly base. Great for elbows, knees, cracked heels (put it on and sleep in socks), psoriasis, eczema. Peach Smoothie Scrub: Great buffing ingredients in a fresh peach-fragranced cleansing gel. Hand Cream: Lightweight, can be reapplied throughout the day.

9. Mineral Powder Foundation- Our newest foundation is in powder form! This weightless formula blends for a flawless look and evens out skin tone while providing buildable coverage with the comfort of a silky powder. It’s transfer-resistant and won’t fade away midday. It also will not 'sweat' off of you like some foundations do. Although Bare Minerals has been out for 2 years, our company decided to test it for 2 more years to make sure that it did not interact or interfere with any other MK product.
Comes in 6 different shades.

10. Our new compact- Watch our commercial here to see the new magnetic compact!! And then click here to see all the different combinations you can do with the new compact!!

11. The brush set- This luxurious makeup brush set includes a Powder Brush, Cheek Brush, Eye Definer Brush, Eye Crease Brush and Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush – all with sleek black wooden handles. The set also includes the Mary Kay® Cosmetic Organizer bag, so you can just roll up your makeup brush collection and go! It's even roomy enough to add your custom compact, lip gloss, mascara, other makeup applicators and more! This will be THE LAST brush set you will ever buy-Mary Kay offers a LIFETIME gurantee on these brushes!!

12. MK Subtle Tanning Lotion- This lightweight, nongreasy formula glides on evenly and absorbs quickly for color that won’t rub off. Skin feels soft, smooth and moisturized, while its tone appears even without streaking and blotching. When used daily, you can build up gorgeous color in about a week. Suitable for all skin types and tones.

And last but certainly not least, for any men out there in blogland landing here....

13. Men's line- It's true, Mary Kay makes a line for men! They have skin care, after shave gel, and cologne. And I must say, even before I sold Mary kay, I bought my husband the High Intensity, and i LOVE it, and so does he!


~Me~ said...

Nice list, I used to use Mary Kay all the time. But there was a time it was hard to find.

Happy TT!!

Chelle Y. said...

I used to use Mark Kay too. I moved, so I do not have anyone to by from now.

The New Mrs. Rue said...

I'd love to be your consultant!! Shipping's on me!!!

Qtpies7 said...

I love the lip liners! But they stopped carrying my color.

Kara said...

Hey Christy! How are you???!! I have a question I think that you might be able to help me out with...can you email me @

Thanks! Talk to you soon!

Britney said...

I will vouch for the eye make up remover and the satin lips. Those are probably my two favorite products... well, I guess I really like my bronzing beads (which aren't beads any more) and eyecicles eye shadows, too.

I think you have inspired me to use some of my favorite MK products tomorrow. :)

Di said...

Ooh...I needed that acne thing this week. I get a pimple about once every 5 years and this was the week!!! I felt like it had a life of its own. Ugh.