Monday, August 18, 2008

Spirtual Nuggets with a side of Jesus!

I always love car rides with Braydon, because he says the most random things. Today was no different. As we were riding in the car on the way to have waffles with Rachel, Noah & Chloe, Braydon said, "Mommy, I just don't know what toy to bring to Heaven!" This took me by surprise, and I asked what he meant by that. He told me that he wanted to pick the right toy to bring with him because he'd be playing with it for a REALLY long time (he emphasized REALLY!). I thought to myself, a teachable moment!! I love these moments because I get to speak biblical truth into my son's life! I told him that God had a place prepared especially for Braydon, with all of his favorite toys already in there and that way he didn't have to choose just one! He said "REALLY, MAMA?" Eh, not really, but this was the best way I could explain Heaven to a 4 year old boy! But before I could even answer, he shouted out "I love God Mommy. He takes such good care of us, doesn't He mama?!?" This brought tears to my eyes! I simply said "Yes He does, Braydon, Yes He does!"

There was a silence for a few seconds, because I didn't know exactly where to go from there. No need to worry, Braydon broke the silence and looked at me in my rear view mirror and said "Mommy, I hear Jesus knocking on my heart." He has talked about this plenty of times before. I'm so thankful for our awesome church's children's ministry, which has really spoken so much truth into my young son's life. I was about to say something, when he interrupted me and said, "and I think I want to answer Him this time."

I was just so dumbfounded at what he had just said, and tried to catch the moment as it happened. I've said that prayer before, and have helped other people say it. But to hear my own 4 year old son tell me he wants to ask Jesus into his heart just threw me for a loop. I scrambled to say something, and I pulled the car over, and I asked him some more questions to see if he understood what he was saying. He was fully aware of what he was doing. He told me he wanted to have Jesus help him not do bad things, like talk back to Mommy and tell stories.

So, we started to say a prayer, but before I knew it, Braydon had taken over the prayer. He said it much better that I could have and it meant so much more to hear him asking Jesus to forgive him for yelling at his mommy and for him taking the candy from mommy's purse. (whoops! I think he forgot I could hear him!!) He asked Jesus to stay inside of his heart and protect him from the 'sin' snake (at VBS they talked a lot about how Satan had become a snake that he tricked Eve).

Afterwards, I asked him several times to make sure he understood what he had done. He said it plain as day that he had asked Jesus into his heart and asked him to forgive his sins! My mama heart about melted, and I could not be more proud.


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome. My mom has taught preschool for twenty-seven years and of course, her number one priority is telling the children about Jesus. (She has also done Sunday School, AWANA, and children's church!) She also uses the "knocking at your heart" to explain it. One day one of the preschool mothers, who was a nurse, was showing the children (who were mostly Braydon's age) a stethoscope and letting them listen to their heartbeats. One little girl immediately said "Miss Vicki! I hear Jesus knocking at my heart!" It was priceless to her. Children have such a pure faith that simply accepts without trying to analyze, as adults often do. That is why Jesus said the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. I am so happy for you all, as I know you will always treasure that experience. God bless you!

Numbers 6:24-26

Innocence Underrated said...

that's awesome, what a sweet boy. these are the moments i wait for, and am afraid of because i have a slow brain and fear i won't be able to respond properly and quickly... guess that will have to be MY prayer. you're doing such a wonderful job with your babies!

Britney said...

Thanks for sharing this. It totally made my day! I'm so excited for you Braydon.

Christin said...

Awww that was so amazing!! There must be something special about car rides with our parents, because I too answered Jesus' knock when I was 3 and in the car with my dad. We pulled over and prayed together as well.
B will continue to be in my prayers as his new heart gets filled with all that God has for him!!

Kara said...

In the words of another child I know..."That makes my heart happy!" made me cry too! Christy, that is such a cool story! I am sure that is a moment that you will never forget.