Monday, September 15, 2008

Enemy in a can

Superman has kryptonite.
Dieters have chocolate.

And I, well I have formula. There are certain things that can sabotage our endeavors such as the ones listed above. I have been struggling for a while with my milk production. I've been pumping more, trying to nurse more, but alas, my supply is not much. For example, last night Makenna went to bed at 12, and I woke up at 7 this morning, and I went to pump, and only got 3 oz. For a whole night of no pumping, no feeding.

I finally gave in yesterday to my daughter's incessant screaming. I had nursed her, tried to feed her food, and she was still screaming. Not the whiny cry, a blood curdling scream. Out of pure desperation, I ransacked Kenna's room looking for that sample of formula I'd received along time ago. I knew it was in there some where and had hid it on purpose so I wouldn't be tempted to give up on breastfeeding.

I found it and had no idea where to even start. It has been a LONG time since I've had to do formula, and felt like a moron trying to remember how to make it. How much should I give her? I decided on making 4 oz just to see how she'd take it, so I wouldn't be wasting it if she didn't want it. She GOBBLED it up, and was content for several hours after that. Just as happy as can be.

I tried to pump 2 last night before I went to bed and got an ounce. Now that is frustrating. What's worse is that Kenney kind of made me feel bad for giving her forumla. I've been struggling as I mentioned, and he's all "you made a committment to breastfeed for 12 months, and you can't stop". My boobs are stopping me, I'm not stopping them!

I've increased my water intake, I've started taking fenugreek, starting eating oatmeal, so maybe these will help.

My enemy is in a can, what about you?


Choofy Mama said...

there is LOTS you can do to increase supply.

first of all, and most importantly, do NOT allow the pump to define your supply, b/c it is NOT a realistic or accurate portrayal of what your supply is, at ALL. M is more proficient at getting milk than your pump, and just b/c you are only pumping x oz does *not* mean she is only getting x oz at all.

If you don't know about the site, make it your best friend, and make love to the whole thing. It's got the best, most accurate info on bf'ing out there.

Besides fenugreek, buy some motherlove asap.

(there are a few different varieties of the more milk product, you'd probably want the more milk or more milk plus, unless you are preggo and i don't know :D)

However check out, b/c that's where all the people I know who take motherlove buy it, it's much cheaper than on the motherlove site or any other site.

Also, eat oatmeal. a lot of it. It'll help your supply while you wait for your motherlove. There is a recipe for special oatmeal cookies to boost your supply, lmk if you want it.

I also have an almost new 4oz bottle of more milk special blend, for when i was planning on inducing lactation for adoption-i opened it to try it, that's all. Although it's not exactly the one you would buy, it certainly would help you, and if you want me to send it to you, lmk and I can get it out in the mail today.

You can do it-it'll take a little dedication but where there is a will, there is a way! I was in the ICU after I had Mairi, and she never had any formula :) Keith held her up to my breasts while she nursed, when I was too weak to do it. So I know you can do it too, and you will be glad you did in the long run.

LMK if there is anything I can do at all to help, I am passionate about bf'ing and education and helping others!! <3


Aprille - The Muddled said...

Yea I could have written this post 10 moths ago. "hang" in there haha. Try everything and give it your best and smack Kenny over the head and ask him if he thinks he can do better lol. jk dont smack him. lol

Innocence Underrated said...

my experience with pumping is exactly as Jen said--I pumped 2-3x day at work and only got 4-6 oz total for the day, so I had to supplement formula the last 2 months with Kian. I only gave him about what I thought he nursed, about 4-6 oz and he was plenty satisfied, too much more formula will affect any other breastfeeding you still are trying.

I had a dramatic decrease when he was 9 months old. I took 9 fenugreek caps each day, drank TONS of water and did the oatmeal thing. I noticed a slight increase in milk, but Kian was always happy after a 2 day nursing strike. I did decrease how much solids he was taking in for a few days while trying to build up my supply. I would offer it every hour for a few days too. The combo of all that seemed to help and I was able to get through it. I stopped pumping at 12 months and he just stopped nursing um.. a few days ago. Even him just nursing at night, I didn't totally dry up!

Also!! She may just be going through a growth spurt and wanting a lot more right now, and the continued nursing will get that jump in milk and she'll get over the growth spurt and you'll all be happy. But! Any breastmilk is way better then no breastmilk! I'm proud of you for coming this far! Good job! and Good luck! =)

Innocence Underrated said...

Mother's Milk tea...I get it at Wegmans, but I'm sure you can find it other places. I drank that 3xday too...

Melanie said...

It's formula, not rat poison. :P Don't beat yourself up if the milk just isn't there- remember that this is about your sweet baby girl being happy. I have to say, I breastfed Dylan and after about 7mos switched to formula (wasn't necessarily my choice but it's a story), and he was just fine.
I've heard that pumping every two hours really helps, too.

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