Tuesday, September 2, 2008

shoulda, coulda, woulda...

I've got 50 million reasons why I haven't blogged in so long...But in all reality, life has just gotten so busy I can't even think straight. I'm up to my elbows in lesson plans, Mary Kay things, and dirty diapers....My poor house has been neglected and could use a thorough cleaning. (Although I must say, my house is actually cleaner now than it was when I wasn't working at all, go figure!!) I love being busy because it makes life more exciting, and I have real things to tell you. The down side to being busy is that I have no time to tell you them because in all honesty, I'd rather spend my free time when the kiddos go to bed with my husband. No offense to bloglanders out there, but I think you can understand where I'm coming from.

Anyway, here are some things that have gone on recently:

1.) Braydon has started Pre-K and is adjusting to being back into a routine, which he LOVES to HATE. hahaha!

2.) Makenna is now 8 months old and is still rolling as her main mode of transportation, aside from us carrying her of course.

3.) Kenney has gone bald. He's recently decided it was time, to go ahead and go bald by his choice rather than look at how much his hair is quickly disappearing. I must say I like him bald. =) Only down side is he looks more like his brother, hahaha!

4.) I've successfully managed to make it through my first real tornado drill. I had no clue what the procedures were, having never even been in a practice one let alone a real one. It's a good thing most of the kids knew what to do, because I was clueless!

5.) I have 3 new team members that have opened their own Mary Kay businesses!!!! Way to go Jennifer, Gina & Karen!! On a side note, my director and senior director have started trying to come up with a name for my unit, so any suggestions are gladly appreciated.

6.) We went to VA Beach for the Labor Day Weekend, which was fun and tiring. We saw a lot of his family at a family reunion and then got to go to Busch Gardens. Both kids did EXCELLENT and I can say I've survived a 90 degree drop aboard Griffon. Afterwards, I couldn't get my hands to stop shaking for several minutes. Let's just say this is not a ride for my Dad.

On the way home from VA, Makenna decided to get sick ALL over the backseat of our car and has been since yesterday. Poor little girl has a dr appt this afternoon.

That's about it for now. Please pray for Makenna and that the rest of us don't get what she has! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad everthing is going so well! It would be nice to see you though!!!! It is hard to believe that we have to schedule time to get together. I guess that's what happens when you become a rising STAR!!!! Seriously let's plan a time to get together (maybe we can wait out the hurricane together). Good to see you blog again. It's also good to see you so happy!!! With lots of love, Mom

Melanie said...

I was wondering when I'd see you back in blogland. Sounds like you've been busy! Lots of *hugs*!

Elizabeth F. said...

I can't wait for MOPS because I miss seeing you! I'm glad things are going well for you though.

Britney said...

Thank you for updating. It's funny you should mention a tornado drill because we had one at school today. But I can't believe you've never done one!! There aren't tornadoes in NY?