Monday, October 6, 2008

I had a small little scare when we went to church Yesterday morning. As I was signing Makenna in at the nursery, I began feeling this weird feeling on my left leg. I looked down and didn't see anything (but I had black hose on). A minute later the weird feeling turned into a burning, stinging sensation, and I basically threw Makenna in her room (it's a good thing she's such a good baby!) and ran into the bathroom in the nursery. I took off my hose and discovered my leg was COVERED in huge welts, from my toes, all the way up my entire leg. Just as I saw this, I felt something moving on my hand and noticed ANTS crawling all over my hand. Luckily I only managed to get bit a few times on my hand, but my legs and even my side were not so lucky.

I was going to just go to the Rite Aid up the street to get some benadryl and some cortizone cream, but as I began backing out of the parking space, my chest began tightening and I was shaking so bad it was hard for me to drive. Kenney came and helped me, and the lady in charge of the children's ministry told me to not worry about the kids, that they'd figure it out, that I needed to be seen right away.

We stopped home (on the way to Urgent Care) so I could change into shorts for them to examine all of the bites, and we headed on up to Urgent care. When we got there, I filled out the paper work, did the insurance stuff, blah blah blah and sat back down. A nurse called me up there and asked what happened, and asked me if I was having trouble breathing. I told her I really wasn't, but my chest was really tight and I was shaking. As I went to go sit back down, she got a glimpse of my leg, and told me I needed to come back right away.

When I got back there, they moved someone out of a treatment room in order for me to get seen. I thought this lady was over-reacting, and that I was fine. (I suppose once you have a child naturally, everything else is a piece of cake, right?!?) But she hooked me up to the monitors, and saw that my oxygen levels were really low, and my heartbeat was racing. one minute, my pulse would be in the 100s, then dropping in the high 40s the next. She made comments several times on how well I was handling it, and she wanted to make sure I was okay. Finally she looked over to me and said "You don't realize how bad this is do you?" It was at this point that I got worried. I mean they were just ants, right? I'd gotten bit by fire ants before, and hand small reactions to them before so I really had not been nervous until she said this. At this point, they went out and got Kenney and brought him back to sit with me. The doctor came in and looked at them and could not believe how bad it was. She ordered some shots, which helped bring my oxygen levels back in normal level, and then the benadryl started kicking in.

I woke up several hours later in my bed, and I looked down, and fortunately the welts had gone down some, but legs and finger were still swollen. Now I'm dealing with a horrible headache, due to one of the shots they gave me (a major steroid shot) and swollen leg/foot & finger. The doctor wants to see me again on tuesday, and I need to make an appointment to get an epi-pen prescription in case this happens again. I attempted to count how many bites I have, now that they've got those nice white head things on them, and lost track around 40 some.

I'm really mad about this to be honest. Not about the ants, really. I don't like the idea of it, but I'm mad that I feel like Kenney & I missed out yesterday morning. I really wanted to go to church. I was sooo looking forward to hearing Pastor's message about marriage and I feel robbed. We missed last week due to Kenney's brother Lamont returning from Iraq (that's a praise in & of itself!!) I know this was a specific attack on us to keep us away from church, and next week I will be out of town on business. But Kenney & I have decided that we will get the copies of the sermon & listen to them together. It just seems like one thing after another after another and it's not just a coincidence!


Innocence Underrated said...

Glad you're okay! I say the same thing "well I gave birth naturally so this isn't anything". I hate those *attacks* from satan..very ironic little red fire ants attacked you, as if they were mini satans... where in the world did you get them from anyway?
hey how is your job that you took at the school? haven't heard about that...

Melanie said...

Wow, I'm glad you're okay. That's the most important bit. Kind of scary!

Britney said...

I'm glad you are doing better. What a scary experience. I'm also curious about where you picked up the fire ants... so weird.

Anonymous said...


I'm thankful you are okay--I would have freaked out for sure. I couldn't help but laugh at the labels for your blog--ants, church, Satan, Urgent Care. I don't know why those words in that particular random order is funny but my first thought was Christy always has that wonderful sense of humor! I guess you and Kenney were living the sermon on marriage instead, huh? Seriously, I'm very thankful because those allergic attacks are scary. The Lord was truly with you throughout the whole thing.

Num. 6:24-26