Monday, November 3, 2008


I'm struggling with a lot right now and to be honest, I just don't know which way is up....

We're struggling with Braydon...we've changed his diet, and seen a significant improvement, but he still struggles daily. You can see it in his eyes! He told me this morning that he just can't stop moving and he wants it to stop. So that's it. We're going to go ahead and start him on the medicine, which I've got mixed feelings about.

Another thing I'm struggling with is my "careers". Yes I said careers. Right now I'm being pulled in way too many directions, and it's driving me insane. I have to finish out the school year's not just something you can give your two weeks in on. I LOVE MY PHOTOGRAPHY, but financially, do not have the means to purchase the equipment I need to pursue them right now. My sister who is an amazing photographer and has amazing equipment and I'm totally jealous of her lens. Apparently, she is jealous of another photographers equipment...I guess its a vicious cycle! I love Mary Kay, and would love to be a sales director, but I don't know if I have the team underneath me that will make it successful. I also know that I love being a mommy, but with "working" 3 different "jobs" my domestic career is being neglected. So what do I do?

Also, Kenney needs to find a new job, like as in find one yesterday. They are continually laying people off left and right at his job, and there's even been rumors of bankruptcy. But no one locally is hiring for his line of work. So that means he's having to look for work elsewhere.

I think it's time I went back to bed...maybe when I wake back up it'll be better?!?


american mum said...

If you want my opinion, I feel that Mary Kay is your strength. Although it embarrasses me when we're out, you have an amazing ability to sell anything to anyone. That is something I'm severely deficient in.

And you're wise to recognize you're being pulled in too many directions. I don't know of anyone that can pull off four careers at once!

Innocence Underrated said...

Have you thought about having Braydon see an Occupational therapists, or consider having him evaluated? Sometimes those active kids aren't ADHD, they're sensory kids who need more "input" and a "sensory diet" (of activities, not foods). Most of my clients who receive OT came about because of behavioral issues. And sometimes you can hold of on meds if activities are working.

I only have one child and i complain that i can't keep up with my "two fulltime jobs" (being a mom/wife and my other job at work) it's nuts what this world expects of us!

Elizabeth F. said...

I don't know how you do it! I get stressed thinking about all that you do. LOL! First, you are a mom and that's your first priority. Wahtever you can squeeze in around that you can make work. So, prioritize the other 3. I agree with American Mum that you seem to have a real strength for the MAry Kay thing and if it's bringing in cash (which it sounds like you need) concentrate on that job. Finish out the school year. Decide later what to do after that. Make a count down calendar if you have to to get through it. Maybe later if MKay keeps bringing in the cash you can get more equipment.

Mary Kay seems like it takes a lot of your time. I'd also say prioritize some of those meetings as well. You don't have to be at every one!

I'd agree with the other commenter. Maybe you need to have further evaluation before starting meds. Pray about it. Motherhood is so hard with so many tough decisions!

Britney said...

I hope things calm down soon. I'll pray for you and Kenney to have wisdom to know how to handle all these things life throws at you.