Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christy R: Mother Warrior

I took the post title from one of my fave authors/celebrities Jenny McCarthy's book Mother Warriors. It's a book about fighting autism, which I do not have personal experience with, but am still on a fight to help my child be the best he can be and live his life to the fullest!

I mentioned a while back that Braydon was diagnosed with ADHD, which many people are surprised by because he's quite young. The doctor we took him to was highly recommended, but in reality she's the only child psychologist in town. She's nice, but I just don't know. She wanted Braydon to be put on medication right away, and neither Kenney nor myself really felt comfortable with it. We chose to eliminate Red 40, and significantly decrease his sugar intake as well as his dairy intake.

We saw an initial improvement, but to be honest, we've been quite lax, and it's kind of difficult to keep his dairy intake down when he's a Pre-K. We've seen an increase in his behavior problems at school as well as a significant increase in anxiety. Kenney and I both thought we needed to get him on the medicine, and we thought we'd have our answer.

I just haven't made the call back to his doctor's office. Perhaps it wasn't by chance I didn't call, but somewhere in my Mommy heart, I just can't bring myself to call the office. There has got to be something out there that we're missing, and just like my "hero" I started working on my "google" degree. *You'll only understand what I mean by this if you've read one of her books or heard her talk!*

First of all, I've discovered that Duke Medicine has an ADHD center, where they can do all sorts of stuff, including behavior therapy, which I find really cool. There are also some doctors in Raleigh (about an hour away from us) that like to use biomedical interventions, which Kenney & I are really looking for.

Secondly, in my research, I've found some very interesting things, that have actually made a lot of sense, and have now given us a place to start, and none of them have to do with medicine to treat the ADHD at this point!

When a vaccine contains any amount of mercury *and YES, there ARE vaccines that still contain mercury in them, even though it was "technically" removed from vaccines*, the mercury settles to the bottom, and when a nurse inserts the needle into the vile and draws the material into the needle, the largest portion of the mercury will be injected into a baby. Often times, after these shots are given, some children develop chronic ear infections, which require the use of many rounds of antibiotics. These antibiotics kill off all bacteria in the child's system, including the good bacteria which helps the child fight off bugs, and leads to dybiosis in the gut. The dybiosis in the gut leads to permeable gut syndrome, which eventually can cause food allergies to arrise. On top of food allergies, an abnormal amount of yeast, candida, can cause acetaldehydes to be released, which can interfere with brain function.

Wow, that was a lot to read, huh?!? Basically, frequent use of antibiotics in a child that has not fully developed can (and I repeat can, it does NOT mean it WILL) lead to an imbalance and overgrowth of yeast which can interfere with food digestion and brain function.

Braydon had several shots (according to his shot record) that indeed had trace amounts of thimerosal in them. I have researched the exact name of the shots the manufacturer, and looked up the ingredients in them. He also had a ridiculous amount of ear infections even before he was a year old. He has an allergy to amoxicillin as well as an intolerance of eggs. He also has ADHD. I am not saying that him being vaxed has caused him to have ADHD, but I find that information very very interesting!

So here is what I think Kenney & I have agreed to do:

1.) We are going to have Braydon tested for allergies, so we can see exactly what he is allergic to.

2.) We will have him tested for the yeast overgrowth, which according to the clinic that we're leaning to says that it only requires a urine sample. If he indeed has a yeast overgrowth, he'll be given some anti fungal medication and we will begin a "yeast free" diet. According to the center, they have a 2-3 week waiting period currently, and they do not accept insurance, so it will be a "pay up front" and then see if you can get reimbursed by insurance.

3.) We will be looking into going fully into a gluten free casein free diet. This will be very limiting, and very extreme, but I honestly think that we looked into it before, and we just didn't do it. We saw an initial improvement, but have let up. It is now or never. Worst case scenario, we see that it didn't work for him, and we stop it.

4.) We will try to get into to Duke's ADHD program to have Braydon re-evaluated. They use all sorts of tests and have much more funding and capabilities than the doctor he saw here in Rocky Mount. I have no idea how long it takes for the process, other than once they do the testing, it takes about 4 weeks to get a written evaluation. I'm hoping that we'll be able to get him into some therapy. I'd love to find an art therapy or behavioral therapy.

Finally, we'll be looking into supplements for him that can help. I've read a lot about supplements helping quite significantly, so I'm hoping there is some truth to that.

So have you had an experience with food allergies, vaccines or ADHD? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

few and far between

Lately, I'm sure you've noticed my lack of posting, all 5 of my readers out there...But I'm not good at lying, and to be honest, I just didn't want to put out all my business for the world to see. Plus, it was just too painful to actually put it in writing. I've been struggling, we have been struggling in almost every area.

Kenney & I are struggling to work through our issues. I won't go into specifics, because it isn't fair to my husband or to me to put such info out there. But the good thing is that we've decided we will make it through this, and every thing else. We will not just walk away, and we will make it through.

Tonight, my heart is heavy as I write this for many reasons. I will eventually talk a little bit about this, but for now, it's all still to fresh for me to rip off the bandaid. Please keep us in mind though of the next few weeks. And feel free to share some words of wisdom.