Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to the land of living, errrr, blogging!!

I had a long hiatus from everyday blogging, and now I'm ready to be back into my habit (or do I dare say addiction?) I think I got caught up in comments (or a lack thereof) and got discouraged. But I remembered that blogging is a cheap therapy!! So here I am world (wide web)!

Today's accomplishments:

-Grocery shopping child-free (while managing to knock some Pepsi 2-liters over and watching them spray all over the aisle, and not 20 minutes later drop a carton of eggs!! Sad thing is I didn't have any little ones to blame it on!) I spent $57.10 and saved $63.89 (that's a total of $120.99 for $57.10!!) Plus, Harris Teeter has a policy where if you try any of their store brand product and do not like it for whatever reason, you can return it, get your money back AND they will replace it with a similar product of your choice. We had bought the HT brand of pull-ups for Braydon *yes he's still in pull-ups, don't get me started on that!* and they did not work for him at all. I was really hoping that they would because they're roughly $10 cheaper per package AND they had Shrek on them!!! So I returned them, got my $8 and change back, along with Huggies Pull-up with the cool alert for free. So that's another $19 worth of product for free. So really, I got $139.99 worth of groceries for $57.10!!

-Star chart for Braydon was made, with tasks created and explained to Braydon. He actually thought this was cool, which is very interesting to me. We've tried doing similar behavior mods with him that have just flopped. Go figure. Maybe it was because he got to buy the stars from the store. We start the chart tomorrow morning.

-Lesson plans were created for my journalism class. It amazes me that these children don't even know anything about our local newspaper, not even how much it costs! Nor do they watch the news! When I asked them how they found out about current events, they said "myspace and facebook." shame shame shame. Call me a nerd, but I liked reading the newspaper in high school. I passed out their assignment for their final project, and their eyes became glazed.

I'm currently blogging while my husband is playing the Wii in his old man outfit. I call it his old man outfit because hes wearing his white undershirt, a pair of boxers and socks. Nothing says sexy like a sweaty man in an old man outfit! hahaha!! And on that note, I'm going to go wash my face and brush my teeth, in hopes that we'll be able to do our couples' devotions before the kids get up tomorrow (for a change!)

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Innocence Underrated said...

i get bummed by no comments too! but you're right, it's free therapy-an outlet to just vent or whatever you need to do. don't worry you still got readers!