Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finding pieces to the puzzle...

Today was Braydon's doctor's appointment with a developmental pedi. We had to wake up at an ungodly hour, and we were in the car before the sun started to rise in order to make it to the doctor on time (the doc's office is about 1.5 hours away, and with morning rush-hour traffic, it makes it more like 1 hr45 mins-2 hours. Plus I had to schedule in time for potential "But mama I've got to pee NOW!" and then the struggle to get him to pee in a public restroom...)

Anyways, I don't know what I was expecting the office to look like. I knew it was just one doctor, who saw patients 2 days a week, and they only scheduled one patient per hour. But it was eerily quiet when we entered. The doctor came out, and began talking with Braydon & myself, asking him questions about our trip to see him, what he ate for breakfast, little questions like that. Then we went back and he did all the height/weight/ general health stuff. He noted that B has big tonsils. Never knew that before. Learn something new everyday, huh?!?

He played a few games with Braydon, and then the dr let him play with the trains while we talked. We went over the history of the pregnancy, his early development, etc. Then we started to make a "plan of attack". First thing, he wants to do a sleep study with B because he thinks he's having problems with his sleep, and that is probably having an effect on everything. After that, we'll go back to B's ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat) to discuss having his tonsils & adenoids removed. After that, they'll do allergy tests because he said Braydon had "allergic shiners" under both of his eyes, which means he had the dark circles under his eyes that kids with food allergies often have. From there, we'll worry about the other things. The doctor did give us an idea of how he'll be diagnosed, which at this time I'm not going to disclose. At this point, nothing is official, and we'll see how everything goes with our "plan of attack".

I tell you what though, this doctor was incredible. Normally, B flips out at the doctors office. Braydon was an absolute angel. In fact, I was worried that perhaps the doctor would tell me there was nothing wrong with him because Braydon was behaving so well. In all Braydon's life, I've never, ever seen him make eye contact and keep it with anyone. Today, he made eye contact with this doctor. I was floored, to be honest. But I'm thankful that the doctor saw what he needed to see.

We prayed that we would get answers, and after today, I really feel we are on our way to figuring out his puzzle, piece by piece!!

(Braydon giving himself bunny ears!)


Kara said...

WOW Christy! I'm so excited! That appointment sounds encouraging on so many levels! I love it when Dr.'s play and interact to find out what's happening and not just poke and prod. When God answers our prayers it isn't always by how we think He should.

word up said...

Hey girl, I've resorted to blog-stalking. Not on facebook for a bit, taking a break, but I know that you were due to see this doc and I wanted to find out how it went. I just wanted to say that I'm happy God is showing you ...well, things. Always a relief, right? Almost no matter how it turns out. Well, I'm glad that it was a great experience, and I hope that you just have peace and perseverence for anything that comes your way. Love your blog, and nice to read how things are going! keep in touch, dear...