Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hello God, It's Me, Margaret...errrr..Christy!

"Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul." -Psalm 143:8
I am not a morning person. Never have been, and never will be. But that being said, there is something amazing about seeking God early in the morning, especially if you despise getting up otherwise. It's a time to have a few minutes alone, no kids, no husband, no distraction, where I can spend time basking in God's love.
What's better still, is being able to read a devotional book and scripture with my husband, over breakfast, as our children listen on. Sure, they don't understand right now, but what they do understand is that Mommy & Daddy spend time, specific time set apart, together, to read God's word and to seek Him.
We went through quite an unsettling period for a few months, but God was simply trying to get our attention. Our focus went from "What the heck did we do wrong? Why is God punishing us?" to "What has He got in store for us? It must be something so incredibly big because He wanted to get our attention!"
It is so neat to watch my husband seek God and become the leader of our family, which I have so desperately wanted. It's quite ironic, as I am quite an independent person, and the thought of submitting to my husband's leadership is nothing that comes easy, but it's something that feels right, and deep inside it's something I've always wanted. My dad was a very good leader for our family, and still is to this day. And it's also amazing to see how much Satan tries to attack when we do so.
But God is good to us, He continues to provide for our needs, and in God's economy, we don't have to fear anything!

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Shelly said...

Awesome, Christy! I'm so happy for your family. It sounds like you're doing really well. And I saw your post about homeschooling Brayden. I'm excited for you with that too! It's a wonderful opportunity. We love it!