Thursday, March 26, 2009

My 1st Harris Teeter Triples Trip

I only spent $47.80 and save $87.75! Here were my Deals! TOTAL PRICE PAID (in bold)

(5 deals) BeechNut Toddler "Let's Grow" Items sale price 2/$4, (some were 2/$5 but I only got those that were 2/4) 75 cents off coupon per item, FREE with a 25 cents overage (per item)

(1 deal) Fiber One Bars sale price 2/$5, 50 cents off coupon, $1.00

(2 deals) Betty Crocker Cookie Mix 17.5 oz reg. price $2.19, 50 cents off coupon, $0.69 per item

(1 deal) Ragu Sauce Buy One Get one Free (BOGO) (so sale price is 2/$2.69) $2 off any pasta sauce, $0.69 for 2 or ($0.34 a piece)

(2 deal) Dole Fruit Bowls 4 pk. Sale Price 2/$4, 75 cents off coupon per item FREE with a $0.25 overage (per item)

(1 deal) Ken's Salad Dressing Buy 2 Get 3 free $0.73 per item

(1 deal) French's Worcestershire Sauce reg price $1.69, 50 cents off coupon $0.19

(1 deal) Harris Teeter trash bags Buy 2 Get 3 free $1.58 per item

(2 deals) Crisco Omega 3 DHA Canola Oil sale price $3.79, 75 cents off coupon $1.54 per item

(2 deals) Softsoap Antibacterial soap BOGO (2/2.29) plus 35 cents off coupon per item $0.10 per item

(2 deals) Pillsbury GRANDS! frozen biscuits sale price 2/$5, 50 cents off coupon per item $1.00 per item

(1 deal) Kraft 2% Sharp Cheese 8 oz block sale price 2/$5, $2 coupon, $0.50

(2 deals) Pillsbury recipe creations sale price 2/$4, 40 cents off coupon per item, $0.80 per item

(1 deal) Perdue already cooked dino chicken nuggets regular price $4.89, $3 off HT store coupon , $1 off manuf. coupon $0.89

(6 deals) Deli Creations sale price 2/$5, $1 off HT store coupon per item, plus $1.50 off 2 coupon, Plus an addition $3.00 off purchase of 6 Food Lion coupon ALL ITEMS FREE!!

I was pretty excited about the free stuff I got, although I paid a little more than I am used to paying during triples because we needed items that we don't have coupons for (like butter, milk, ground beef)


Melanie said...

You're so good at that! I wish we lived closer so you could teach me how to do it. I always feel like I should use them, but then feel like the coupons I find are for foods we don't eat. I'm happy for you that you can do this! Grats!

Aprille - The Muddled said...

We are expecting a post very shortly about this job thing. WHATS GOING ON??