Sunday, March 1, 2009

The pound that broke the camels back!

Or should I say broke the dang scale?!?

I. Hate. Stepping. On. The. Scale.

It's been roughly 3 or 4 months since I've stepped on the scale, as we conviently didn't have a scale in our home. (I just couldn't justify spending the $20 on a scale.) But the past week, Kenney & I have both decided enough is enough. We have GOT to get a handle on our weight. Both of us have just really piled some lbs. on. (Dang you, Oreo Cakesters!)

We made a decision today was "D" day, a.k. diet day. We went out a bought a scale. I have to say I knew I had gained some weight, but to actually see them is a whole different thing. And that is why I. Hate. Stepping. On. The. Scale.

You're support is greatly appreciated and if you have tips that have helped you be successful, let me know!!

So farewell, Oreo Cakesters . We'll no longer have our evening flings while watching mindless television. (well, the 100 calorie ones, perhaps!) And Tiffany at Pizza Hut, we'll no longer discuss our children while I wait for my pizza. And to the Staff at Dunkin Donuts, don't mourn the loss of my weekly visit to get an apple fritter. Yes, perhaps a cup of coffee on occasion, but no more than that.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I think it's great that you and Kenney are going at this together. I always find that when Daniel and I attack an issue as a couple it works out much better and easier :)

Having goals (and rewards) along the way helped me a TON when I was trying to lose the weight after I had each of my kids.
Also, not going from being liberal with my eating/not exercising to super strict helped too. I was really, really careful with my eating during the day but every night after the kids went to bed I allowed myself a bowl of fat-free yogurt with a cookie crumbled in it. Something that simple made it so I could carry on with my careful eating throughout the day.

I know you guys CAN do it! I'll be cheering you on along the way!


Britney said...

I feel your pain. I am doing a version of the Biggest Loser through my school. I could not believe my eyes at the first weigh in! Changing my eating habits has been tough. I think meal planning is a big step in the right direction.

Innocence Underrated said...

I always think it's hardest in the winter to lose weight but with the warm weather hopefully coming it's a great time to start. We take family walks every night (weather permitting) and that just helps us get moving.
Preparing as much of the meals at home as you can is crucial. Too much eating out or using frozen/prepared foods adds tons of sodium, fat and calories.
Something simple like using whole wheat/grain pasta and adding chicken and veggies helps fill you up without eating a ton of pasta carbs.
Eat breakfast. Even if it's small, toast and banana, etc. Just to jumpstart your metabolism in the day.
Weigh your self but not obsessively. If you do it daily you won't see much change and you'll be disappointed, but weekly is good. Then you have an idea and a goal to aim for. And definitely make a goal. I picked a number I wanted to be at (my ideal number and then one that was healthy and I could live with) shoot for that.
My rule is: just don't buy it. I don't buy cookies, chips, etc. Cuz if they're IN my house they're IN my stomach. Pretzels, tortillas, homemade cookies, all much better choices.
Finally, no matter how much good eating I did, it had to be balanced with workout. Your ouput must be greater than your input. So, I had to get on that treadmill each day, or do a workout video. Even 20 minutes of cardio, getting your heartrate up will benefit you tremendously. And don't forget weight training! Just a few bicep curls with a 10lb weight will help your body eat that fat so much more!
Sorry for rambling and being bossy, been there done that and I'll be there again after this baby too! It's not fun when you start, but you get a routine going and it's just part of your day, then at the end you're like "wow, this is great, i look good, feel good!" And you can't stop when you reach that goal either. Continue maintaining by eating well and walking/jogging a few times a week. The kids will love it too! Good luck!

KT said...

mark and i have decided the same thing....since i have been a sahm i have put on the pounds...and i finally decided enough is enough. it definitely helps that mark is on the same it is great you and Kenney are too. I have to say...i am not a big dieter but i have several friend who have lost a significant amount of weight....and when i asked them how they said "weight watchers" so that is what i am doing...and i lost 5 pounds the first week. it is great cause you can eat what you normally do, you just have to eat more in moderation. I plan my food for the day so all the counting is done and i can just eat and not figure it out as i go. I have also done a workout dvd with "jillian michaels" called the 30 day shred...and it is a great workout and only 20 minutes! I feel sooo much better. Anyways, you can do it!!

Anonymous said...

josh and i last summer wanted to lose about 10 lbs a piece(at least) and we found the easiest way to do it is to eat a vegetable or a salad before your lunch and your dinner! You fill up on the healthy stuff 1st and then eat less of the rest of dinner, usually you will end up eating 1/2 of what you normally would. And the salad or veggies are SO healthy for you and mostly full of water so they wont add to your lbs. Another thing we did was take a walk every night, if we couldnt walk because of bad weather we would go out that night and just walk around target, or an electronics store of course keeping in mind we needed the exercise not to spend money. It's always easier when you make sure your fridge is FULL of healthy choices, cheese sticks, carrots, celery, salad fixins, oranges, plums, pears, yoghurt and lotsa apples :) Someone once told me you should take 60 % of your time grocery shopping and spend it in the produce area, 20 % in dairy and the rest split up over everything else. Hope this helps a little. :) -Andrea L.-