Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Starbucks Natural Fusions for $8!!

Right now, at Amazon, you can get two 11 oz packages of Starbucks Natural Fusions coffee in Vanilla or Cinnamon for $13, but if you enter in the code FUSIONC5 at check out, you'll get $5 off, so that will make it only $8 for 2 packs! What a great last minute Christmas gift! But hurry, this deal will sell out soon!!!

If you're an Amazon Prime member, you'll get FREE 2 day shipping, or it qualifies for Free Standard shipping with $25 order. You can even sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime for a month!!!

Starbucks Natural Fusions Coffee:

Pack of two, 11-ounces per pack (total of 22 ounces)
High quality Latin American arabica coffee beans
Naturally flavored coffee

Thanks to the Happy Housewife!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting stuff for free...

Inspired by my sister's incredible new online teaching venture, I thought I'd tag along so to speak. I've gotten multiple e-mails, comments, and texts begging me to teach them my "secret" of getting things for free. And by "things" I'm not talking about samples (although those are really fun & handy to get in the mail!) I mean FREE cool things like gift cards to places like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, Kmart, as well as hundreds of dollars of awesome items at Kohl's. And yes, it's legal, contrary to my best friend Lorin's belief.

So here's my contribution to your family's budget: I'm offering my 1st "Thrifty Christy's Guide to Gettin' it for Free". This won't be a "coupon class" talking about blinkies and triple coupons. This will be how to get the other things besides groceries, and right now with Christmas coming up, who couldn't benefit from this?!? Cost is $10, and my 1st class will get a coupon for $5 off a $5 purchase at Kohl's store!

This first class will be this coming Tuesday night, December 14th, 8PM EST and you will have your coupon for Kohl's that night! To register,

There is a class limit of 30 participants, but if Tuesday wouldn't work for you, let me know. There is a possibility I will be able to make the webinar available for later use!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flashback to the 80's

Kenney decided to have a "get-together" for my 28th birthday which I thought was really cool! He decided which weekend to do it & then I had a great idea. Why not make it an 80's party? I was so excited about the idea & told everyone about the 80s theme w/o even running it by Kenney. Thankfully, he went along with the idea.
We had a TOTALLY RAD time, with great friends, lots of food, games & laughter! Thanks to all my friends for making my birthday party a great one! Thanks especially to my dear friend Britney, who came all the way down from Indiana for the weekend! It was great to see here again before she departs for Haiti for a year!!

Britney, JoJo & I in our awesome 80's getups. I think the yellow belt from Salvation Army really made her outfit, where as the fringe seemed to have made mine a "work of art"!!
I know you've got to BE-DAZZLED by my dazzled shirt, right?!?

Kenney's mom was a good sport by wearing this awful purple dress I literally shoved on her!! Thanks for being a good party guest, Marilyn!!

Makenna Rae & Mommy sporting our 80's look. She had a side pony tail & blue eyeshadow (Side note: It felt so incredibly wrong to be putting makeup on my 2 1/2 year old. How on earth do those moms from "Toddlers & Tiaras" do it?!?)

All of the party-goers who were dressed up. We had GREAT participation! I LOVE IT!!

Just the ladies!!

My dear hubby & me!!
Our good friends Daniell & Tip. By far, his outfit was my favorite!!!!

I made a sort of Rubiks Cube cake along with a Ms Pacman cake. Pictures of that to come....

Friday, July 30, 2010

Walgreens Photo Deals (Frugal Friday)

Walgreens is having a sale on their 4x6, 5x7 & 8x10 prints. Order online using the coupon code ICECREAM with no spaces and receive 33% off!! Expires Saturday, July 31st. For more details check it out here.

For more frugal tips, head on over to the Frugal Friday Posts at Life As Mom.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Going Once...

Going once....
Going Twice....

Who's the best photographer in Naples, FL? Well, it's Savor Photography, of course!!

These are the most amazing pictures of my three cutest kids (okay, so I only have a total of three, but still, they're the cutest!!) and it's even more special because the blanket they're laying on is my Great-Grandmother's quilt. Heritage. I love it.

Disclosure: There was no payment or anything for this post. I just love the heck out of this photographer, who also happens to be my amazing sister, Rachel!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm the type of person that is very social. I love to laugh, have a good time, have lots of friends around. The problem that I find is not in finding "friends". It is in finding deep meaningful friendships that actually impact you.

In my "adult life" I've found far too often that I have been on the wrong side of a fair weather friendship. They take & take & take & take, and rarely, if ever give back. Or when you really need them their excuses are too numerous to count. I often have been warned by parents & my dear husband that I am far too nice, far too giving to these people, and because of it, I often end up hurt.

But then there are a few friends with whom you have that connection with. It's more than just a hi when you see each other. It's more than some trips to the movies or to the mall, or for coffee. It's the type of friend that you can call at 2 AM and cry because your baby won't stop crying. It's the type of friend that no matter how far away you live from them, they are still your "closest" friend. It's the type of friend that even if you go for years (yes, YEARS!) at a time without talking, you can see them at the airport & pick up EXACTLY where you left off, as if no time has elapsed.

To these friends, I am so thankful for you. To these ones that pour into my heart & into my life, I am so thankful. To these people that are more than just friends, I am thankful I can count you among my family. I love you, you mean the world to me & I treasure our friendship. Thank you for being you!!

Just as an FYI: Lorin, we don't have any pictures of the two of us. How sad is that?

Monday, July 26, 2010

I heart faces-My 1st entry!!

I've been toying with the idea of entering at I Heart Faces for quite sometime now, but then when I saw that this week's theme was purple, I knew it was my week. My favorite color is purple, and this, well this is Makenna's favorite dress. Ever. Even though it's a dress up dress. Don't tell her that though. For other entries for this week check them out here!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Wasn't Me!" Wednesday....

The post where I tell you all the things I did but just like Shaggy I claim it "WASN'T ME!"

-Wasn't me that took a bath while the kids where taking a nap and when I heard Makenna starting to wake up, I did NOT turn the water back on so I couldn't hear her!

-Wasn't me that same night that decided to take another bath after the kids were in bed, and put Jordan in his carseat. And it wasn't me who picked him up when he woke him up and nursed him in the tub so I could still enjoy my bath...

-Wasn't me that combed Makenna's hair with a plastic fork since her comb seemed to have gone missing!

-Wasn't me that laid a towel down on Braydon's bed and told him to pretend it was a sheet, since the rest of his sheets were in the wash.

-Wasn't me that filled up a sippy cup with water and claimed that it was "water-flavored juice".

-Wasn't me that dodged down another aisle at the drugstore the other day to avoid someone I didn't have the patience to talk to with 3 kids in tow.

-Wasn't me who opted not to give an antibiotic to a child who mearly has a cough and has been on them too many times in the 2 year she's been alive but still told the dr I gave them to her anyways to avoid the lecture!

-Wasn't me that left my friend's son's baptismal service after he got baptized because they began to talk about the Eucharist & drinking from a common something or other which made her uncomfortable & blamed it on a "fussy baby".

I'm just sayin'
it WASN'T ME!!!

gone but not forgotten

So, I've been gone...a few weeks. Not necessarily by choice, but perhaps because of lack of time. April has been an absolute whirlwind, and NOT in a good way. It all started on the weekend of Easter...

My sister in law was down visiting for the holiday, and I was planning on having my dad and our neighbors over as well for Easter dinner. I had prepared almost everything on Saturday so all we'd have to do is cook the ham & heat everything else up. We went out to Ross to go shopping & had a great night, but then my throat started hurting. I figured it was probably just because I had been running outside earlier that morning and there was pollen everywhere.

But then in the middle of the night I woke up freezing, so I put a hoodie on & got two more blankets to put on. Kenney told me I was burning up, but I felt like it was winter! And then my throat got BAD. By the time morning came, I was a mess. I could barely get out of bed, still had the chills, etc. There was no way I could go to church. So Kenney, Kimmy & the kids (minus Jman) headed off to church without me in their new Easter clothes. I felt so horrible because I didn't get any pictures of them or even give them their Easter baskets. I sent Kenney a text to tell him we had to go to Urgent Care when he was done church because I knew I just couldn't make it.

He made it home, left the kids with Kim and we headed to Urgent Care, which of course wasn't open because it was Easter. Reluctantly we headed to the ER...i hated to go there, especially because I knew the bill would be outrageous (we don't have insurance currently) but I knew I had to go. I had 103.5 fever and that was WITH tylenol! Four hours later I was home, after finding out I had strep and received to shots to get me better.

On Monday & Tuesday, I could barely get out of bed because of the shots they gave my in my hips...I could hardly walk to the bathroom, let alone walk up & down the stairs. And of course, this was Braydon's spring break from school, so I had all three of them to care for. Honestly, I don't know how I did it, but some how all three of them survived.

By Tuesday night, I noticed Braydon's ear was draining, which is a telltale sign for kids with tubes in their ears that they have an ear infection. Jordan was coughing as well, so I knew that the following day I would have to take them to the doctor. Of course our regular pedi was on vacation, so we saw another doctor (fortunately one of the good drs in the practice). She checked B out first, and gave him a script for ear drops.

Then she checked Jordan out, and decided he needed a breathing treatment. After the treatment, the nurse came back in and did a pulse-ox level which was 89, and so the dr came back in & said she needed to admit Jordan to the hospital. At that point, he was really laboring to breathe, which wasn't good. I called Kenney & had him come home from work. I dropped the kids off at home with Kenney, packed a bag for myself and off we went to the hospital. We were in the hospital for two days, where he received antibiotics, fluids, and breathing treatments.

Oh, did I mention the Wednesday Jordan went to the hospital was our anniversary?!?

My mom came home from her vacation to Florida to visit my sister and it looked like things were settling down. Until Monday, when my mom started to get sick. She started throwing up, had a fever, etc. I have to be honest I was totally hoping it would be a 24 hour bug or something short lived, because we had planned an anniversary trip to the beach for the weekend and my parents were going to watch Makenna & Braydon for us while we went. Selfish, selfish I know, but Kenney & I don't get much time alone lately.

By Wednesday, she was still sick & went to the doctor. They told her that she had the flu. At this point I was totally bummed because I just knew we wouldn't be able to go. But I felt horrible because I was more worried about my trip than my poor mom's health! The next night I got a call from my dad saying that my mom was going to the ER by ambulance....

*go ahead & press the panic button!!*

I had no clue what was going on, because my dad was a little panicky himself, and didn't give me very good details. And of course, Kenney was in class til 10ish that night, and my kids were still getting over being sick so I couldn't leave them with anyone. So I had to wait. Waiting is scary, especially when you don't know what's going on. Is my mom dying? Is she breathing? Is she puking? Did she asperate (sp?) Am I going to get a call that tells me I didn't get a chance to say good bye and that I'll forever have to live with guilt of worrying about our stupid trip to the beach instead of her? It was a long wait, even though it wasn't really long at all.

My sister & I were trying to piece together what was going on. Was my dad just being "my dad" and perhaps overdramatizing things? (Not that he ever does that, right?!?) Was this legit? Is she really that bad off? We couldn't tell. What we did know was that the EMTs had started an IV, & they were transporting her to the ER.

Kenney got home & I headed up to the ER at about 1015ish. When I got to the ER, there was a sign on her room saying anyone coming in had to wear a mask. I put one on & went in. My mom looked horrible. She looked a grayish color, she was on oxygen and just did not look good at all. They had done blood work, a chest xray, and were giving her fluids & antibiotics as a precaution until the diagnosed her with something.

I suggested my dad go get something to drink, or eat, while I was there. I wanted to make sure he got something in case he needed it, but I also wanted him out of the room to assess the situation without him there (no offense dad!) I wanted to hear from her, to get a first hand account, so I could properly determine what to tell my sister who was waiting for my call.

I left at about 11:40ish, and around midnight the doctor diagnosed her as having pneumonia & admitted her to the hospital. She remained in the hospital for the next week on oxygen, getting antibiotic treatments, etc. I spent my mornings with her, after dropping the kids off at mothers morning out, then would leave & go get the kids when MMO closed. I would go back up to see her in the evenings, but couldnt stay long as Kenney had classes.

I hated to leave her, because she was alone, since my dad had play practice. I felt guilty when I was up at the hospital because I was away from my kiddos, but when I was with my kiddos I felt guilty for leaving my mom all alone in the hospital. It's just one of those situations where you truley are torn!

And now, here we are again in the last week of April and my kids are sick again. Braydon had the stomach bug, Jordan has bronchitis & Makenna has a cough/cold. Jordan's on breathing treatments, antibiotic, steroids & singulair. This is Jordan's 4th round of steroids, and that concerns me, as well as his pedi. She said that if he gets sick like this again, she will have to refer us to a specialist.

So that's why this blog, along with my house work, have gone to the wayside for the short term. I look forward to returning to regularly scheduling broadcasting soon!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy birthday, LIzette Hope!

Okay, so who is Lizette Hope? It's Makenna's cabbage patch doll!! And so to honor her birthday (according to her birth certificate below), we had a birthday party with Makenna's friends and their baby dolls!
The guest of honor

Homemade birthday hats (that cost me NOTHING, as I had all materials at the house!)

Makenna Rae & her friend Carmen with their baby dolls

After getting into pretty dress up clothes, the girls posed for pictures with their baby dolls!

(from Left to right) Jazmine (our neighbor), Carmen, Makenna & Teagen

Womb-buddies Frank*star & J-man held it down for the boys in the corner!
We used the poster from Makenna's room, some party decorations we already had, and only bought "Happy Birthday" plates & napkins and balloons from the Dollar Tree, for a grand total of $3!
After singing Happy Birthday to the birthday "girl", the girls got to dig in!!
I served Cheese Nips that I got for 10 cents a box during Harris Teeter's SuperDoubles, muffins & animal cookies leftover from a brunch with my mommy's group, canned pineapple (that is 17 cents a can during triples @ HT this week) with a key lime yogurt/whipped topping dip, and cupcakes that I made from a Martha White muffin mix (that I got 37 cents this week during triples) and strawberry frosting that I got free a long time ago! Total cost of this cool get-together was only $5!!

After the girls ate, they went & played with dolls, the kitchen & tea party set, dress up clothes, but the biggest hit was the balloons! The girls had a BLAST tossing them in the air, hitting each other in the faces, etc! The moms also had a great time talking about all sorts of fun stuff, and managed to get our snack too!

Makenna in her new dress (there is a matching one that should have arrived in FL via my dad for my sister's daughter, Chloe. Who says being seperated by a few states means that we can't still dress them to match!)
This is by far my favorite picture of this entire year. It brought tears to my eyes. This is me with the Cabbage Patch Doll I had when I was a little girl holding Makenna with Lizette. Is there anything more special than the bonding of cabbage patch dolls between generations? I think not.
This post is linking to Finer Things & Frugal Fridays.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chilis Give-away

Toni over @ the Happy Housewife is giving away a $50 giftcard to Chili's Restaurant! This would be a GREAT date night compliments of Chilis restaurant or you could even regift it!! *My birthday is coming up in August you know!!* One lucky winner will be selected at random on Monday, March 29th, 2010. To enter yourself, go visit her post here & leave a comment! It's that easy!!

The power of the media...

In light of all the political uprising this week, I thought it'd be good to bring some humor to the table. Regardless of your political views, this is just funny:

"Cool Mommy" FAIL

Do you have those days where you realize that you're a total failure? Yeah, me too. I had this brilliant idea that I was gonna be one of those "Cool Moms" that do cool holiday-themed activities for their kids, even when they fall on school days. I decided since B had to be at school early, I would go ahead and make the pancakes up in advance and freeze them. All I'd have to do the morning of St Patty's Day would be to toss 'em in the toaster & heat up some syrup.

All went according to plan, I even had planned green things for them to wear ahead of time, and prepared breakfast (aka toss the frozen pancakes in the toaster!!) like I said.

I even made a small card & gift for his teachers

I told Kenney when he came downstairs that I would take Braydon to school that morning, and he could go ahead on to work. The kids didn't need to be dressed, because the car line provides anonymity like that! I kissed him goodbye, feeling like I was totally on top of things.

Then I looked at my calendar, which hangs above the microwave, only to notice that BOTH Makenna and Jordan had doctor's appointments with the Ear nose & throat Dr (J-man failed his newborn hearing screening) at 8:30. My eyes bulged out of my head, as I glanced down at the clock on the microwave. I spit my tea back into the cup as my eyes focused on "8:08AM". Braydon's "tardy bell" rings at 8:15. Jordan was not dressed, and Makenna, although dressed, did not have her hair done, or have shoes or socks on.

I began running around frantically, shouting at my kids to "do this" or "do that". I fussed at Makenna for not knowing what I needed her to do ahead of time. I snapped even more quickly at Braydon and told him it would be him that suffered if we were late, not me. (Even though this was CLEARLY my fault).

Thankfully, I always keep extra diapers & wipes in the car so I didn't have to worry about packing the diaper bag. I grabbed stuff to do Kenna's hair in the waiting room, and tossed (almost literally) Jordan into his car seat, knowing full well I smelled the stench of a newly nasty diaper, and that he had yet to nurse that morning. It would just have to wait.

I begun herding them towards the door, grabbed my purse, my keys & cell phone, when I heard Braydon say "Uh, mommy are you going to the dr in your jammies?" I looked down only to realize I had managed to get everyone "ready" except for myself. I threw everything down and ran upstairs, threw on clothes & grabbed my brush & makeup and ran back down stairs, only to find Makenna standing in newly wet pants. I yelled at her (and winced after what I said. Did I really just fuss at my two year old for wetting her pants b/c I didn't have time to ask her if she had to potty before we left?) I raced back up the stairs to find a new pair of panties & pants and threw them on her.

We ran out of the car, and I threw (literally) everyone into the car, turned it on & slammed the car into reverse. I don't think those speed bumps knew what hit them, and I'm just thankful my car didn't fall apart. I started grumbling and griping about how late we were, that all I wanted to do was to have a fun morning for the kids, blah blah blah. Somehow, we managed to make green lights and I made it to the car line at exactly 8:15. I told Braydon to run, but don't get caught or he'd be tardy. He jumped out of the car, without even saying goodbye and as he turned to walk in, I saw tears fall from his eyes.

My heart stopped. I gasped for breath. What had I just done? My sweet, sensitive little boy, was sent to school rushed, without a prayer from me like we normally do, without a kiss or a hug, and all he had heard while driving him was his mama complaining. My heart starting beating again, but it sank, and I was instantly plagued with guilt. Tears welled in my eyes, as I asked myself again "what did I just do?" And "Was it worth it? to be the 'cool mom' on facebook & in blogland but to hurt my baby in the process?"

As I watched him walk away, I felt like such a complete and utter failure. This was is my only job: to take care of my kids, and to protect them and I had failed. Failed miserably. I have been walking around with such shame that I haven't even posted pictures because I felt that I had done them not for the enjoyment of my children, but for my own personal sake. To get my ego stroked, to be acknowledged as a "Cool Mom".

It wasn't until yesterday during the first meeting of a women's Bible study group that I finally felt God speaking to me about the situation. The Bible study is called "Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl" by Lysa Terkeurst, founder & president of Proverbs 31 ministries. In the video series, she talked about the time she wanted to be "SUPER MOM" and decided to volunteer to make 100 individually wrapped homemade brownies for her daughter's school bake sale. As Lysa explained, "homemade" to her meant from the box, where you add egg & oil. She wanted these to be super special brownies so as to improve her super mom status even more, so she bought the turtle brownies that had caramel & nuts in them. She spent hours baking & wrapping them and finally got to # 98, when her daughter walked into the kitchen.

"Are those the brownies for my bake sale?" she asked.

Lysa told her they weren't just ANY brownies, they were TURTLE brownies. Thinking her daughter would be impressed, just as all the others at her school would be, her daughter's response was:

"Mom, we're a nut-free school. Didn't you read the directions from my teacher? Nothing can contain nuts!"

Lysa sank to the ground, and realized she had not read the directions. At that moment, she had failed. But she said that what we forget as women is that our circumstances do NOT dictate who we are. Our identity is not found in our circumstances. We can fail at things miserably, and yet still not be failures. This struck me so much, and I finally got it. I could let go of the guilt and realize that although I failed in that situation, I am not a failure as a mom. I may have wounded my baby, but I will always be his Mama, and I will have many times to do it the right way.

Provers 24:16 "Though the righteous man falls seven times and gets back up again..."

If the righteous man falls only 7 times and gets back up, my number is probably going to be more like 700 or 7000, but certainly I will choose to get back up again. How about you?