Friday, January 8, 2010

Cowboy Beans & Rice

The new recipe of the week was "Cowboy Beans & Rice" from Erin Chase's $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook to use up the leftover pork tenderloin from Tuesday night.
I thought I had read the recipe correctly and took out the pinto beans & soaked them over night. Unfortuntely, what I didn't read was that after you soak them overnight, you're supposed to boil them on medium heat for an hour and a half. Seeing as how it was 5:15 when I looked at the recipe again, I knew that the beans that were still soaking were not going to cut it. For some reason, dry beans & myself just don't work together well (atleast not yet).

The recipe called for pinto beans, but the only canned beans I had on hand were Northern beans, so in the pot they went.

I added all the ingredients on top of the beans, stirred them together, brought them to a boil & let them cook on medium for 20 minutes.
This was the finished product...Served with corn & leftover quesadillas.
According to my test panel, the survey sayyyyyyssss.....

.....success!!! Both of them ate it without complaints and even asked for seconds! (Fork drop) Kenney was at school, so he didn't get to taste it until today at lunch, but he gave it 2 forks up too!! This recipe was fast (if using canned beans), delicious & didn't require many ingredients. It's perfect for using up rice & beans that are sitting in your pantry!

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Sarah said...

Sounds Yummmy!! I doubt a cowboy ever boiled his beans for 1 1/2 either. I'll ask my FIL, a real cowboy. FYI- I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has their messiest eaters eat without clothes (one less thing to get the stain out of)