Sunday, January 17, 2010

Denim Corsage (or wanna-be?!?)

I have to admit, I fail miserably while trying to be "crafty". Oh how I long to be as talented as some of the women who I stalk, errr, follow in blogland. For example, head on over to Tatertots and Jello to see some AWESOME ideas and tutorials! Or Tea Rose Home. She amazes me with what she can do! She has a tutorial on how to make a corsage out of old jeans. (Really? How do you look at an old pair of jeans and say, "Hey! I can make a really cute corsage out of them!" But anyways, that's why I learn from them!) But when I saw the jean corsage above, I thought it was something I could attempt to tackle. I don't have any old jeans, but I did have a ton of denim material upstairs. So here's my denim corsage.
Not too shabby. Now it's not at all like the original but for just beginning, I thought it was okay. And of course, I didn't use buttons in the center, because I didn't have any. The total cost was FREE because all of the materials taking up space in my house!

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