Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Menu plan Monday (on Tuesday)

It was done actually on Saturday, but I just haven't had time or the energy to post. I'm trying some new recipes this week from the new cookbooks I got for Christmas, (I got Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seifeld & The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook by Erin Chase) so hopefully I'll be taking pictures & raving about the success (or crying about how awful it was!!) Breakfast is whatever you grab (cereal, toast, oatmeal, cereal bars, pop tarts) unless something I'm specifically making. Lunch will be either leftovers or sandwiches, or a weight watchers meal for the adults. Part of my goals for this year was to meal plan & stick to it 75% of the time. So far we're doing really well!


Snack-Chocolate Chip Cookies, recipe from Deceptively Delicious (DD pg 177)

Dinner- Taco Bake, pineapples


Snack-Ice Cream Sandwiches (DD pg 182)

Dinner-Pork Roast, Green Beans, Cornbread


Lunh-Pulled pork sandwiches

Dinner-Beef soup & homemade rolls


Breakfast- Muffins

Snack-Chex Mix

Dinner-Cowboy Rice & Beans ($5 dinner mom cookbook), corn & biscuits



Dinner-Individual Pizzas, leftover veggies


Brunch-Pancakes & homefries



Breakfast-coffee cake

Lunch-Hot dog wth mac & Cheese

Dinner-roasted chicken, potatoes & carrots and applesauce

Dessert: Chocolate Fondue with leftover fruit (DD pg 174)

I hope to have pictures of the new recipes that I've tried soon!! For hundreds of other weekly menu's head on over to Organizing Junkie.


Victoria said...

beautiful picture at the top of your blog!

Sarah said...

I love the DD cookbook! My kids devoured the sloppy joe recipe (a little more time consuming than I'd like though) I've also gotten into the habit of making a double batch of meals that can be frozen, or part of it can be frozen to save time down the road. Happy Cooking & you'll LOVE knowing what's on the menu all week long!