Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Deals make me happy

What can I say? Saving money and getting deals make happy, especially for things we need and would buy even if there wasn't a deal!

Last night, I was headed to Harris Teeter for the last night of Super Doubles (to see my other Super Doubles deals, check this page out!) when I got a voicemail from a fellow couponer to let me know about a big sale on wipes over @ CVS. She had been earlier in the day and confirmed the deal locally. Supposedly this week the small tubs, the 64 count tubs, of Huggies & Pampers wipes were on sale for 2/$5. However, the Huggies refill bags with 184-216 count wipes were also ringing up at 2/$5!! And there are coupons out there as well! These bags are normally $8 a bag!!!!

Since one of the CVS stores is literally 2 traffic lights away from my house, I headed there first, since Harris Teeter is open 24 hrs a day! When I got there, there were still a whole bunch of the bags there, and I got super excited. I took them to the scanner to check to make sure they were scanning for 2.50, which of course, they WEREN'T. Ugh. I was so bummed. But I did get a coupon for CVS brand Gold Emblem candy $1/2. I ran to the valentine's day clearance and grabbed 4 packs of the gummi bears, which were clearanced to 25 cents a pack. I got all four for free, didn't even have to pay tax!!

(Apparently, my husband took a pack to work because when I went to take a picture this AM there were only 3 left on top of the fridge!)

I left the store totally disappointed and debated about whether I had time to run across town to the other CVS, the one which my friend had confirmed the Huggies deal at. I looked at the clock, which said 8:15PM. The HT pharmacy closes at 9. It's about 5 drive there, and then about 8 minutes to HT from CVS. If I literally ran in & out of CVS I figured I had enough time. So that's literally what I did!!

I managed to get 5 packs for $2.50 a piece and used (1) $1 off, (2) 75cents off, (2) 50 cents off, for a total of $9.97 with tax. That's less an a penny a wipe!! Plus I got "Enjoy the Ride" rewards on two of the packages!! If you're unfamiliar with this program, it's similar to the Pampers Gifts to Grow program. For more info, check it out here. But if you're interested in signing up, e-mail me at TheNewMrsRue at Gmail Dot Com and I will send you a referral e-mail!!

So I had saved $32 even before walking in to Harris teeter!! This time my trip was limited by the fact that a lot of things were not in stock, but I did get rain checks on the items not on the shelves. (Check back in on Friday for my post about how to make the most of Rain checks!!)
Here is the picture & the transactions:
Tran #1
(3) Colgate Whitening toothpaste (they didn't make the picture because they were apparently forgotten in the car & it was raining when I took the picture!) Sale price of $2.50 used (3) $1 q's making them 50 cents a piece for $1.50 total.
(3) Yakisoba Noodles on sale for 67 cents a piece, used (3) 50 cents q's so they were FREE!
(1) Land O Lakes margarine, on sale for BOGO, so they rang up 1/2 price @ $1.19. Used a 55 cents q, which made it 9 cents.
(1) Johnson' Baby "take along" pack, which was $2.99, used $1 q, which made it 99 cents. (I'm donating this to my friend Sherry's Relay for Life auction basket!!)
Also used a $1/$5 purchase wine tag, which doubled and gave me $2 in overage. This transaction cost me a total of $1.03!!

Tran #2

(1) Hyland's Teething gel marked down to $2.44, used $1q, making it 44 cents.
(2) Ziploc snack bags, on sale for $1.79, used $1/2 q, making it $1.58 for both or 79 cents each.
Again used a $1/$5 purchase wine tag, which doubled and gave me $2 in overage.
Total for this transaction was 25 cents, 23 of that being tax.

Tran #3

HT boneless skinless chicken breasts were on sale @ 50% off. I chose two packages that were on sale for around 4.61. I also used a rain check for Buy one get one free on HT chicken breasts. So for total for both packages $4.61 or about $2.30 per package.
In order to use my $1/$5 winetag, I needed something small that was around 40 cents. I saw in the clearance bin a bag of valentine's M&M's that were marked $2.14, which would definitely take me over $5.
I used $1/5 purchase winetag in addition to a $2 off chocolate purchase winetag.
My total for this transaction was $2.75!!!

Tran #4 (final one)

(3) Boxes of Raisin Bran on sale for $1.74 used (3) $1q, got them all free.
HT jar of honey roasted peanuts, $2.47 on sale. (Had no q, but this was a request from my hubby)
HT diced tomatoes with green chiles 99 cents. (I needed this for a recipe)
Used another $1/$5 purchase which once again doubled and gave me a $2 overage.
Total for this trip was $1.63.
***This trip to Harris Teeter, I got $75.59 worth of groceries for $5.66!! If I'm doing my math correctly, that's a 93% savings!!***

As I was getting ready to post this, I realized I hadn't yet posted my deals from Saturday when I went back. I made about 4 or 5 trips total this week of Super Doubles. (There are several deals that I've repeated throughout the week!) Here are the postings from my trip on Saturday:

Tran #1

Perdue Chicken Dinosaur shapes on sale for $3, had a $1 store q on it plus $1q.
I paid 2 cents for this transaction.

Tran #2

(2) Stonefield Organic 32 oz containers of yogurt, on sale for 2.99 each, used (2) $1q's, made them 99 cents each
HT trash bags, 10 ct on sale for $1.24
used $1/$5 winetag, giving me $2 overage.
Total cost: $1.30

Tran #3

Quilted Northern 9 pack of the triple rolls, on sale for $5.99 used $1q, making it $3.99
Whole Wheat Sub Rolls, $2.99, used $1 store q plus $1 of any bakery purchase winetag made it *FREE*
(2) Kotex Pads, $1.49 each used $1.50/2 q, making them *FREE*
(1) Pampers Wipes tub 64 count on sale for $2.99, used $1.50q, making them *FREE*
Yet again used $1/$5 winetag
Total purchase price: $2.75

Tran #4

Raisin Bran, on sale for $1.74, used $1q, so it was *FREE*
Smart Start, BOGO sale, so $2.19 used $1q, making it 19 cents
Gilette Shaving Cream, on sale for $2.85, used $1q, so it was 85 cents
Colgate Diego Toothbrush on sale for 94 cents
Used $1/$5 winetag

Total Due: Only 6 cents!!!

Tran #5 (Last one)

Celestial Seasons Tea, sale price $2.50, used $1q, made it 50 cents
Krustz Pancake mix, sale price $2, used 50 cents q, made it $1
Quaker quick oats, $2.35, used a $1q, made it 35 cents
(4) boxes of Cheese Nips, bogo, so $1.10/each, used (2) $1/2qs, making it 38 cents for all four boxes
Used another $1/$5 purchase
Total price due: 43 cents!

Total spent this trip was $4.54, total amount of groceries: $70.07, which is 94% savings!!

This entire week of Super Doubles, I've gotten $301.36 worth of groceries (from HT alone) for a grand total of $20.53, which equals a combined savings percentage of 93.2%!! I'm so excited!!


Anonymous said...

You rock, you Queen of Coupons!

Anonymous said...

amazing stuff thanx :)

Melanie said...

You are so amazing! Just reading this post was work for me, lol. I think it's so great that you can do stuff like this- it's inspiring!

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