Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Day turned to craft day

Today was a totally relaxed day, since we all just stayed at the house. We were snowed in, or iced in, rather and we couldn't even make it out of our apartment complex. So I made chocolate muffins for the kids (and chocolate muffins with strawberry jam on the inside for Kenney & myself). Then while the kiddos played, we did a clean sweep. Since we spent the weekend with my parents, we had lots to unpack. Fortunately, I had done all the dishes before we left for the weekend and had done the laundry @ my mom's house.

After that, we broke out the crafts supplies & made Valentine's Day cards. Our local christian radion station, His Radio (or as Braydon calls it His, His Radio) is collecting homemade Valentine's Day cards to give out to children in the local hospitals, so I thought it would be great to help, and to remind my kids to think of others.

My kids ALWAYS love craft time!!
Braydon made sure that we made Valentine's Day cards that were boyish, full of trucks & roads!
I think Makenna wore just as many hearts as she put on the cards!
The some-what finished products. At this point, J-man was in some desperate need of a feeding, or the world might come to an end, and the kids were going sticker crazy, so we took a break for lunch & nap time. I ended up making many more to put in the pile to mail to the radio station. For some reason, it just goes quicker when it's just me! And after Jordan ate, Mommy got to make some crafts too, all by herself!
I made a frame out of a bamboo tray from the Dollar Tree. This was essentially free, since I used things that I already had laying around. You can see the "How-To" here.
Using buttons I stole from my mom, cardstock and hot glue, I made a cute, inexpensive decoration for Valentine's Day!!

I hung the tray/picture fram above the button love banner, and viola! Instant, inexpensive Valentine's Decorations!! Of course it's nothing like Tatertots & Jello or Tea Rose Home but it's a start!!

We were going to bake and decorate valentine's day cookies today as well, but since school is cancelled for tomorrow as well, we decided to save that for tomorrow!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for creating so many great life memories for your children! What a wonderful mother you are!
A Proud Papa