Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Wasn't Me!" Wednesday....

The post where I tell you all the things I did but just like Shaggy I claim it "WASN'T ME!"

-Wasn't me that took a bath while the kids where taking a nap and when I heard Makenna starting to wake up, I did NOT turn the water back on so I couldn't hear her!

-Wasn't me that same night that decided to take another bath after the kids were in bed, and put Jordan in his carseat. And it wasn't me who picked him up when he woke him up and nursed him in the tub so I could still enjoy my bath...

-Wasn't me that combed Makenna's hair with a plastic fork since her comb seemed to have gone missing!

-Wasn't me that laid a towel down on Braydon's bed and told him to pretend it was a sheet, since the rest of his sheets were in the wash.

-Wasn't me that filled up a sippy cup with water and claimed that it was "water-flavored juice".

-Wasn't me that dodged down another aisle at the drugstore the other day to avoid someone I didn't have the patience to talk to with 3 kids in tow.

-Wasn't me who opted not to give an antibiotic to a child who mearly has a cough and has been on them too many times in the 2 year she's been alive but still told the dr I gave them to her anyways to avoid the lecture!

-Wasn't me that left my friend's son's baptismal service after he got baptized because they began to talk about the Eucharist & drinking from a common something or other which made her uncomfortable & blamed it on a "fussy baby".

I'm just sayin'
it WASN'T ME!!!

gone but not forgotten

So, I've been gone...a few weeks. Not necessarily by choice, but perhaps because of lack of time. April has been an absolute whirlwind, and NOT in a good way. It all started on the weekend of Easter...

My sister in law was down visiting for the holiday, and I was planning on having my dad and our neighbors over as well for Easter dinner. I had prepared almost everything on Saturday so all we'd have to do is cook the ham & heat everything else up. We went out to Ross to go shopping & had a great night, but then my throat started hurting. I figured it was probably just because I had been running outside earlier that morning and there was pollen everywhere.

But then in the middle of the night I woke up freezing, so I put a hoodie on & got two more blankets to put on. Kenney told me I was burning up, but I felt like it was winter! And then my throat got BAD. By the time morning came, I was a mess. I could barely get out of bed, still had the chills, etc. There was no way I could go to church. So Kenney, Kimmy & the kids (minus Jman) headed off to church without me in their new Easter clothes. I felt so horrible because I didn't get any pictures of them or even give them their Easter baskets. I sent Kenney a text to tell him we had to go to Urgent Care when he was done church because I knew I just couldn't make it.

He made it home, left the kids with Kim and we headed to Urgent Care, which of course wasn't open because it was Easter. Reluctantly we headed to the ER...i hated to go there, especially because I knew the bill would be outrageous (we don't have insurance currently) but I knew I had to go. I had 103.5 fever and that was WITH tylenol! Four hours later I was home, after finding out I had strep and received to shots to get me better.

On Monday & Tuesday, I could barely get out of bed because of the shots they gave my in my hips...I could hardly walk to the bathroom, let alone walk up & down the stairs. And of course, this was Braydon's spring break from school, so I had all three of them to care for. Honestly, I don't know how I did it, but some how all three of them survived.

By Tuesday night, I noticed Braydon's ear was draining, which is a telltale sign for kids with tubes in their ears that they have an ear infection. Jordan was coughing as well, so I knew that the following day I would have to take them to the doctor. Of course our regular pedi was on vacation, so we saw another doctor (fortunately one of the good drs in the practice). She checked B out first, and gave him a script for ear drops.

Then she checked Jordan out, and decided he needed a breathing treatment. After the treatment, the nurse came back in and did a pulse-ox level which was 89, and so the dr came back in & said she needed to admit Jordan to the hospital. At that point, he was really laboring to breathe, which wasn't good. I called Kenney & had him come home from work. I dropped the kids off at home with Kenney, packed a bag for myself and off we went to the hospital. We were in the hospital for two days, where he received antibiotics, fluids, and breathing treatments.

Oh, did I mention the Wednesday Jordan went to the hospital was our anniversary?!?

My mom came home from her vacation to Florida to visit my sister and it looked like things were settling down. Until Monday, when my mom started to get sick. She started throwing up, had a fever, etc. I have to be honest I was totally hoping it would be a 24 hour bug or something short lived, because we had planned an anniversary trip to the beach for the weekend and my parents were going to watch Makenna & Braydon for us while we went. Selfish, selfish I know, but Kenney & I don't get much time alone lately.

By Wednesday, she was still sick & went to the doctor. They told her that she had the flu. At this point I was totally bummed because I just knew we wouldn't be able to go. But I felt horrible because I was more worried about my trip than my poor mom's health! The next night I got a call from my dad saying that my mom was going to the ER by ambulance....

*go ahead & press the panic button!!*

I had no clue what was going on, because my dad was a little panicky himself, and didn't give me very good details. And of course, Kenney was in class til 10ish that night, and my kids were still getting over being sick so I couldn't leave them with anyone. So I had to wait. Waiting is scary, especially when you don't know what's going on. Is my mom dying? Is she breathing? Is she puking? Did she asperate (sp?) Am I going to get a call that tells me I didn't get a chance to say good bye and that I'll forever have to live with guilt of worrying about our stupid trip to the beach instead of her? It was a long wait, even though it wasn't really long at all.

My sister & I were trying to piece together what was going on. Was my dad just being "my dad" and perhaps overdramatizing things? (Not that he ever does that, right?!?) Was this legit? Is she really that bad off? We couldn't tell. What we did know was that the EMTs had started an IV, & they were transporting her to the ER.

Kenney got home & I headed up to the ER at about 1015ish. When I got to the ER, there was a sign on her room saying anyone coming in had to wear a mask. I put one on & went in. My mom looked horrible. She looked a grayish color, she was on oxygen and just did not look good at all. They had done blood work, a chest xray, and were giving her fluids & antibiotics as a precaution until the diagnosed her with something.

I suggested my dad go get something to drink, or eat, while I was there. I wanted to make sure he got something in case he needed it, but I also wanted him out of the room to assess the situation without him there (no offense dad!) I wanted to hear from her, to get a first hand account, so I could properly determine what to tell my sister who was waiting for my call.

I left at about 11:40ish, and around midnight the doctor diagnosed her as having pneumonia & admitted her to the hospital. She remained in the hospital for the next week on oxygen, getting antibiotic treatments, etc. I spent my mornings with her, after dropping the kids off at mothers morning out, then would leave & go get the kids when MMO closed. I would go back up to see her in the evenings, but couldnt stay long as Kenney had classes.

I hated to leave her, because she was alone, since my dad had play practice. I felt guilty when I was up at the hospital because I was away from my kiddos, but when I was with my kiddos I felt guilty for leaving my mom all alone in the hospital. It's just one of those situations where you truley are torn!

And now, here we are again in the last week of April and my kids are sick again. Braydon had the stomach bug, Jordan has bronchitis & Makenna has a cough/cold. Jordan's on breathing treatments, antibiotic, steroids & singulair. This is Jordan's 4th round of steroids, and that concerns me, as well as his pedi. She said that if he gets sick like this again, she will have to refer us to a specialist.

So that's why this blog, along with my house work, have gone to the wayside for the short term. I look forward to returning to regularly scheduling broadcasting soon!!