Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Wasn't Me!" Wednesday....

The post where I tell you all the things I did but just like Shaggy I claim it "WASN'T ME!"

-Wasn't me that took a bath while the kids where taking a nap and when I heard Makenna starting to wake up, I did NOT turn the water back on so I couldn't hear her!

-Wasn't me that same night that decided to take another bath after the kids were in bed, and put Jordan in his carseat. And it wasn't me who picked him up when he woke him up and nursed him in the tub so I could still enjoy my bath...

-Wasn't me that combed Makenna's hair with a plastic fork since her comb seemed to have gone missing!

-Wasn't me that laid a towel down on Braydon's bed and told him to pretend it was a sheet, since the rest of his sheets were in the wash.

-Wasn't me that filled up a sippy cup with water and claimed that it was "water-flavored juice".

-Wasn't me that dodged down another aisle at the drugstore the other day to avoid someone I didn't have the patience to talk to with 3 kids in tow.

-Wasn't me who opted not to give an antibiotic to a child who mearly has a cough and has been on them too many times in the 2 year she's been alive but still told the dr I gave them to her anyways to avoid the lecture!

-Wasn't me that left my friend's son's baptismal service after he got baptized because they began to talk about the Eucharist & drinking from a common something or other which made her uncomfortable & blamed it on a "fussy baby".

I'm just sayin'
it WASN'T ME!!!


Britney said...

I love you. I can see myself doing each and every one of those things.

Anonymous said...

Join the club of Parent Regret.
I am the local chapter president.