Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My 1st super doubles list.

Super Doubles Trip #1
This is not everything, as I needed a few things and for the sake of convienence (since I had all three kiddos with me!) I opted to buy them there. The sale items are below!

10 bottles of Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice, Buy 2 at 2.95 each Get 3 free used (2) $1/2q, (doubled) total for 10= $7.80, or 78 cents each.

Kashi Go Lean Cereal, sale price $3, used $3q, total= FREE!

4 boxes Ziploc Sandwich bags sale price $2.19 each, used (2) $1/2 q's (doubled), total for 4=$4.76 or 1.19 each.

6 Ziploc containers BOGO at 3.49 each (so they rang up $1.75 each) , used (3) $1.50/2 q's (doubled), total for 6=$1.50 or 25 cents each.

Quaker Quick Oats, 2.65, used $1q (doubled) total= 65 cents

2 Bounce Dryer bars at 4.99 each. Used (2) 1.50 q's (doubled) total for 2=3.98 or 1.99 each

7th Generation papertowels 1.99, used $1q (doubled) total=FREE

Covergirl eye shadow, 3.79, used $1q (doubled) total=1.79

Old Spice Deodorant sale price 2/$4, used $1q (doubled) and a BOGO q, total for 2=FREE!

Reach dental floss, 1.65, used $1 q (doubled) total=FREE

Downy Dispenser Ball, 1.59 used $1q (doubled) total=FREE

Merita Butter Bread, sale price 1.99 used 55cents q (doubled) total= 89 cents

Pedialyte Powder 4 ct, 5.99, used 1.50 q (doubled) total=2.99 (we go thru pedialyte often since Jojo is sick so often. Otherwise this is just an "okay" deal)

Bestlife spread butter 2.35, used $1q (doubled) total= 35 cents

Excedrin 24 ct (with a 5 ct of Excedrin PM sample attached)= sale price 2.99 used FREE q, total=FREE!

saved $125.48
Total Paid: $28.55

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Bill Tomesch said...

very nice job....i know how hard it is to organize it to save so much but man its nice to get that receipt and the "atta boys" from the managers!