Friday, January 14, 2011

Old McDonald

"Old Mcdonald housed a family whos little one was in the NICU. With a homemade meal here, a laundry facility there..."

Part of my "11 Goals for 2011" is to donate to a different charity every month. Since we just recently experienced the amazing Ronald Mcdonald House charity 1st hand, I decided I'd start with donating to them, and I'm asking you to join me! If you have a local Ronald McDonald House, feel free to donate there. If not, perhaps you could donate to the Chapel Hill Ronald McDonald House online.

The Chapel Hill RMH buys 17 gallons of milk, 4 gallons of orange juice, 3 dozen eggs, 2 lbs of lunch meat, 1 lb of sliced cheese, and 3 containers of laundry detergent (among many other things!) each week in order to provide for the needs of those families who are caring for their children in the hospital. The kitchen is always open, and they have food available at all times!

Practically speaking, they receive no public assistance and use donations to provide for the needs of the families. They charge a mere $10/night per family, when it costs about $60/night to operate. They have a Wish List of items they use every day that they are need of donations for.

I'm asking you to consider donating something off of their wishlist or just monetarily online. I will be going back January 27th and plan on stopping in to the Ronald McDonald house with donations. If you would like to give something off their wishlist, or want to give me money to go purchase these items, you can contact me at cookemonstersmom *dot*Com.

Hopefully you will never need to use the services of the Ronald McDonald House, but if you do, they will be there for you, like they are there every day for thousands of families throughtout the US.


Rachel said...

I printed out the list. It would be good if you sent this to Nancy and had her forward it to our Mops Moms. We have mops that week and it would be a good opportunity to drop things off for you to take. :)

Ken said...

This is a wonderful opportunity to give back, Christy! Thanks for taking the leadership on this!
A proud Papa