Monday, April 25, 2011

"Bless her little ADHD heart"

Note: This is not meant to offend anyone, and is not specific. All conversations, names, etc. are fictional. And yes, just as not everyone from the North is rude, not all Southerners talk like this or even mean to do this. Please read til the end to get to the real meaning behind the post!
While I have grown accustomed to a lot of the cultural differences the South has to offer, from the Sweet Tea to the "ya'll", from fixin' to (stuff that isn't even broken!) to saying hi to complete strangers, I often find myself still trying to understand this Southern way of life. Even after 11 years of living down here, I find myself trying to understand things. Down here there's a way that people can talk, errrrr, gossip about someone else, but if they add the term "Bless her heart!" to the end of it, all the sudden, it's not seen as that bad. I don't really understand it, but it seems fairly common.

Take for example:

"I heard that Alana has her hands full! They just found out they're having ANOTHER baby!"

"Another one already?!? How many does that make for them?"

"This one will be 8! And the baby isn't even a year old yet!"

"She sure does have hands full! You'd think that 7 was enough, especially since some women can't have any! Maybe they'll figure it out this time! Bless her heart!"

Or this one.

"I heard that Jerry's wife moved back to live in Virginia and he was not invited to join her!"

"Oh no! When did that happen? They seemed so happy at the office Christmas party!"

"I guess she's been there since early January, but she just told him this past week it was a permanent move!"

"I never liked that woman-she was always snobby and never talked to anyone at any of our company events here! In the end, it will probably be best for him! Bless his heart!"

When I overhear some of these conversations, it still kind of catches me be surprise. It also really makes me wonder what people are "blessing my little heart" over, although I'm pretty sure I know!

"The other day I stopped by Christy's house to pick up some Pampered Chef! I don't know how she can even find her kids under all that mess!"

"I know! When we were at lunch, she spent 15 minutes digging through her overflowing purse looking for her debit card! You'd think she'd just put it in her wallet where it belongs! Bless her little disorganized, messy ADHD heart!"

It's true, I may be disorganized. I may forget to put my debit card back in my wallet where it belongs. I may have a house that is full of stuff strewn all about. But some day there will come a time where there are no toys to pick up after or to accidently step on in the middle of the night. There will come a time where there will be only two people to cook for and there won't be little clothes to fold. Eventually, I will have too much time on my hands, and that's when I'll worry about all of that stuff.

So go ahead, you can bless my little ADHD heart. For now, I will try my best to keep my head above the laundry, to keep food on the table instead of the floor, and to invest in my children instead of the stockmarket. Because in the end, that's all that matters!


mommynts said...

so true! and funny too. I don't feel so bad about people who say "toys are not allowed in the living room" when that's all my living room is full of - strewn all over the place, "welcome to playland" if you enter my house. so, "poor Nancy, can't keep her living room fit for "living" in, "bless her heart!"" But, we are LIVING in the living room, and that is why it is this way!

Ken said...

Very true! Love your perspective! And of course the photos of my grandchildren are AWESOME!