Friday, July 29, 2011

New Day, new doctor

Yesterday, we headed back up to UNC to meet with our newest addition to JoJo's care team, Dr. Amelia Drake. With each new doctor we add to the team, we have to go through the whole "get to know you" period. I did a lot of research about Dr. Drake, and everything sounded good. Just a few days prior to our appointment, I found out that she was named by US News as "Top Doctor". This indicates that she is among the top 1% in her specialty in the entire country which was completely reassuring.

We waited for quite a while, but then when she came in, it was very fast. She examined him, and discussed with me what she and his pulmonologist were worried about, which was the cleft I described in the Q & A post. We scheduled his laryngoscopy (similar to the bronchoscopy) for Monday, August 8th. She reassured us that most likely if he did have the cleft that it was probably a small one.

JoJo of course sported his Wolfpack Red and birdie in his arms. A few of the ENT staff tried to bribe him with an ugly-looking ram of some sort, but my smart baby said no! =) Raising him right!

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