Thursday, August 18, 2011

Old "weigh" to do things

As I was going through old pictures the other day, it hit me...I really have lost weight! I mean I know I've seen it on the scale and my clothing size, but to see pictures from even a year ago really struck me. Want to see some examples? Pictures on the left are "old", pics on the right are current.
This morning marks my 60 lb mark. (This is including the "baby" weight from JoJo). It's taken me almost 2 years to lose that much. But I can honestly say that I do not feel like I'm starving myself or killing myself in the gym. When I can work out, I workout. When I can't, I don't feel guilty. (although my body tells me b/c my hips start hurting when I don't work out a lot) When I want dessert, I allow myself the freedom to do so. I don't kick myself for allowing myself something I really want. And I have to say, this has been very freeing for me. I'm not on an emotional rollercoaster based on my failures or shortcomings on my success in weight loss. I would still like to lose 15 lbs but I'm okay with it coming off slowly, as long as I can still have dessert!
These are taken in the same place almost a year apart. Picture on the left is from July 21st, 2010, picture on the right is from August 4, 2011.


KenneyG said...

I'm so very proud of you! You look amazing! It is a dramatic difference. You'll always be beautiful!

Ken said...

You look great!!! So proud!

janice said...

You go look fantastic!! I hope I am there soon. Love, Mom