Saturday, August 20, 2011

Target Take Home

We actually had no "real" plans for today, so I decided I could use it to make a few trips to a few stores to get some deals! We went to Harris Teeter first & came home to drop of the perishable stuff & pick up the boys. It was a rather long trip to Target, considering the ENTIRE family went. You know how that goes: "Mom, I have to potty NOW!" (happened 3 times), "But can we puh-lease go look at the toys? (too many to count!), etc.

On top of the whining from Kenney & the kids (just kidding about Kenney...well, sorta!), the cashier didn't scan all of the coupons (even after he swore up and down he did) so I had to go over to customer service & try to explain to the lady why the cashier hadn't scanned all of the coupons, (She for some reason couldn't understand the concept of a "Target" q and a man. q!) But we survived, and made it home without any major blow ups!

Here's some of my "scores" from today's trip to Target.

This is by far the deal that I was really excited about! We were in the "Back to school" aisle looking at lunch boxes for Braydon. He wanted the Star Wars lunch box which was like $10. Then he wanted one that had a water bottle attached to it that was $13.99. I told him that I really just could not justify paying that much when he has a lunch box that is still in great condition. We could just check out other stores to see if there were any other deals. He was disappointed but he quickly was distracted by the camping gear. I almost told him he couldn't go down the aisle, but I figured if it got him to stop whining about the lunch box then it was worth it. And then I spied this baby!

This is a "Genuine THERMOS Brand" lunch cooler with a vacuum insulated 16 oz. stainless steel commuter bottle. It can keep food warm for up to 8 hours and keep food cold for 12 hours! I was so excited when I saw the price: $7.74!!!! It's original price was $30.99 which translates to a 75% savings!!! I almost held my breath because I figured of course Braydon wouldn't want the one I found on clearance. But as soon as I held it up and said "Look B check this one out, it comes with this really cool water bottle!" , he was sold!

I held it up at Kenney because he needed a lunch box too (because we've decided to commit to eating lunches from home) and he was very excited about them! I was able to get 2 lunch boxes with the thermos for less than 1/2 of the original price of one!! Again, these were not in the Back to school section, they were found near the camping/sports section!

We also got some of the Schick razors: 3 Intuition Naturals, 3 Quattro for Women. They were on sale for $6.49 each, you get a $5 gift card back when you guy 2 and I combined that with 6 $2 coupons. I decided to do these transactions first and individually so I could use the gift cards right away. The 1st transaction was $9.52 and we got a $5 gift card to use towards the next transaction. I had a personal gift card with me to use so I didn't acutally pay for any of these transactions out of pocket (OOP). The next 2 transactions were $4.52 each after the $5 gift card from previous transaction, and I again paid the rest with my personal gift card. Altogether, the 3 transactions were $18.56 for 6 razors with an extra $5 gift card so if you count that, it's $13.56/6 razors or $2.26 per razor which translates to a 74.8% savings.

We stumbled upon the clearance section as the guy was just putting out newly "marked down" items. Most of them were just BARELY "reduced" by 30-60 cents which does not impress me at all unless I have an amazing coupon. But the Cutter bug spray was marked from 3.99 to 2.78 and I had multiple coupons for $1.50 off any 1 Cutter item. With the coupon and the clearance, it totaled $1.28 before tax, which translates to a 68% savings. It's an "okay" savings, but seeing as how my family is super sensitive to bugs and bug bites, for us it was a really good deal, so we purchased six. I will probably go back and get more if I can score some more $1.50 q's.

The next thing we found in the clearance section was Old Spice deodorant, (2.6 oz with a travel sized 0.5 oz deodorant included) "marked down" from 3.99 to 3.38. Again I put that in quotes because I don't find 60 cents to clearance worthy. But I had a Buy one get one free coupon, so it would be 2 full sized deodorants and 2 travel sized deodorants for 3.38. When I did the math at home it was only a 57.6% savings which was okay, but I'm used to getting a much better deal. Call me a coupon snob but I frown upon paying that much for deodorant when I'm used to getting it for free or less than $1.
We also found a bunch of "Twisted Sista" de-frizz conditioner marked from $4.99 down to $1.24! This is what I consider "marked down" or clearance price. Although I didn't have any coupons, the clearance price itself is 75% savings so we got all they had which was only 5. These are perfect for Makenna Rae's curly hair!! Just the other night at bath time I was saying I think it was time that we "updated" her hair products from baby shampoos to "big girl" shampoo & conditioner-something that is better for her curly hair. I paid $6.20 for all five of them which is a fantastic price!

Other notable items purchased today were two 10 pk. of Duracell Batteries on sale for $5.99 plus (2) 1.50 Target q's and (2) 1.oo man. q's which made it for $6.98 for 20 batteries. Market Pantry Apple juice 64 oz. containers were on sale for 1.75 each and I had a $1/2 Market Pantry juices Target coupon, which made them $1.25 each. My kiddos are juice addicts so this was a good deal. We also got 2 boxes of NutraGrain cereal bars that were on sale for 2/$5, and we had a man. q for $1/2 boxes and a Target q for $1/2 boxes, so we got them for 1.50 a box.

All in all, the trip was pretty decent, getting us things we use regularly at a pretty decent deal. We spent $32 OOP on our trip which is amazing considering my entire family went in Target, spent about 1.5-2 hours in there!!

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