Sunday, May 27, 2012

Teacher gifts!

I had seen this on pinterest & LOVED the idea for an end of the year gift for my kids' preschool teachers. I wasn't exactly sure HOW I was going to do it though because usually any time I try to "write" on anything crafty I've done, I manage to royally screw it up.

I started by getting their hand & feet prints on separate sheets of card stock & let them dry. I knew that would be a task to get a 2 yr old & a 4 yr old to "work" with me on this, so I figured it was plenty of work for day #1. I could figure out the rest later as I went along. I had planned on using the Tempera paint we already had, but when I went to check it out I realized we were pretty low. I ran to Michael's and got a six pack of 4 oz. Tempera paint bottles for 6.99, but had a 40% off coupon, which made it about $4.50. I have no pictures of this because I was busy trying to make sure they didn't get the paint on the floor or the furniture!! (Priorities!)

While I was searching through my craft corner to find something to work with, I came across packs of poster board I had bought at Target a few months ago when they were on clearance for 62 cents a pack. I decided that maybe I could cover the board with scrapbook paper or something to make it "stand out. I looked at the measurements of it & realized that if I cut each sheet in half I could make (4) 11x14 frames with minimal measuring, since it was 14 x 22!!

I had some awesome wrapping paper that I thought would just make the colors of the hands & feet POP so I just cut it and attached it to the back using my scrapbooking tape/squares. I attached the cut out hand & feet prints, as well as a heart from glittery scrap paper I had left over from Makenna Rae's birthday party in December. I printed the words from Microsoft words & attached them. I also added their names & "2012" so their teachers could remember the year they were given to them.

Since I only had one really good hand print for JoJo & his feet were smaller, I used both of his feet and only one of his hands.  This is the final product for JoJo's teacher after adding the $5 frame I got from Wal-Mart.

Makenna's hands were accidentally on top of one another (because 4 year old's sometimes struggle to listen!!), so I used 2 hand prints and only one foot print because of space limitations. I loved the variations of the layout though, and the both ended up looking completely unique, just like they are!!

Cost Summary:
Paint: approx. $4.50
Frame: $5

Pulled from my stash:

Card stock
scrapbook supplies
wrapping paper

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